Sunday 23 September 2007


I love dragonflies and recently saw lots of them on the peat marshes near my home. If they stayed still long enough I photographed them, but generally I just stood still and observed them. Seeing a head move from side to side or the body pulse , and trying to take in all the detail of the patterns and shapes and those amazing wings. This is drawn using Derwent crayons ,with lots of sharpening for the fine lines of the wings. I am really pleased with this drawing and I am working on the next one. It is on an A3 sheet of paper.

Friday 7 September 2007

Autumn Seeds

Autumn is on the way . It is actually one of my favourite times of the year. I love to see the hedgerows full of red berries and seeds. These sycamore seeds are my favourites , as children we would all throw them into the air and watch them twirl to the ground, hours of endless fun. Now I can't resist collecting them to draw , everywhere I see them and just have to bring some home with me .
I found these sycamore seeds and red berries on the ground amongst the snowdrops, this was the resulting picture . It is drawn using Derwent coloured pencils.
This is one of my set of artcards to buy on my website .