Monday, 23 March 2009

Fir cones

I collected some fir cones when I was out for a walk the other day. I like them as a drawing subject. They have fascinating patterns and shapes. I like the challenge of capturing all the detail and have to really concentrate to record them accurately.
If it is warm they will open up and then make it difficult to finish the drawing as all the shapes and patterns will have changed. So I try to finish them in one go or at least sketch out all the details before this has chance to happen.
This pair of cones is a favourite drawing which I did a while ago. It is done using a HB pencil. Press for larger picture.

Thursday, 5 March 2009


If I had to pick a favourite insect it would be hard to choose just one. My answer would be, my favourites are ladybirds and dragonflies, really love both of them.
I have just been working with infants in a school doing some art work. We were drawing insects. I took lots of pictures and books for the children to see and then we did drawings and then made prints of the insects. Then printed on fabric with our blocks. We had a really nice time and all the children enjoyed using the printing rollers and making their prints. There is something so exciting and magical about peeling back the block and seeing the printed image.
I showed the children some of my drawings and they ooooo-ed and arrrrrr-ed, I think they were impressed ! They all took home one of my artcards, I gave them all the dragonfly to remind them of our day.
I had my ladybird sheet of drawings but couldn't find it. So the children never got to see it. I have drawn a real ladybird many times but these were actually from a book. I know ladybirds well enough to draw them from memory, but by using the book I could draw different coloured beetles that I have never seen. I think I used Derwent inktense crayons. Anyways hope you like them.