Friday, 30 October 2009

Autumn Finds

As the wind blows the trees are becoming more and more bare. The leaves and seeds are scattered everywhere. As I walk around the village I collect a few samples of Autumn leaves and seeds and berries. This little arrangement was the result of my collecting. I just placed them on my paper.... a couple of dark brown patterned leaves, a maple leaf, red berries and two sycamore "helicopter" seeds.
So many wonderful coloured leaves, that all attract my attention. I have been bringing some home almost every day. I will not be able to record them all. So instead I just spend a little time looking and observing their colours, shapes and patterns.
I am really enjoying using my new acrylic inks with a lovely sable paint brush, rather like using watercolours. As usual, press picture for larger view.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Wild Flowers I collected.

I had been for a walk and picked a bunch of wildflowers from the hedgerows in my village. They were placed in this jug and after a day or two started to droop and some had died. I was about to throw them out when I just saw something that made me want to draw them. There was some interesting shapes and a pleasing composition. So I quickly captured what I saw.
It was painted in water colours over the pencil drawing. It is simple and yet I like it, but then I do like wild flowers and their simple honest shapes. These are all plants and flowers I have known all my life, collected since I was a little girl and brought home as a gift for my mum.
Press for close up.