Friday 25 April 2014

Happy to be drawing again.

It feels so exciting to be drawing again.
The week after my eye surgery we walked along the beach. I knew it was impossible for me to draw then but I wandered along and collected shells and pebbles, seaweed and mermaids purses and hoped it would not be too long.
It is so true, you often only miss things when they are gone. I missed my drawing, the days were missing something. I felt like I should be doing something and I have filled my time with other creative projects, but it has always been such a big part of me and I needed to draw.
So I started very slow and feeling nervous knowing my vision was so different. I chose a box of crayons as I knew they were an easier option than using a paint brush. I could just sharpen the crayons and have instant colour, hold the pencil and have more control. My eye and hand coordination was something I knew I had to really work at and concentrate to regain my skill at drawing.
My new sketchbook was like a new beginning and I began with the objects from that day by the sea. The tide had left a wiggly line of sea treasures on the clean smooth sand. Slowly following that line of objects still wet and freshly delivered by the sea. I remember collecting the pretty shells and slipping them into my pocket, they made me smile and cheered me up. If I am honest I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. Then I saw a mermaids purse. I felt that surge of excitement, a big swollen beautiful mermaids purse in perfect condition. It was black and glossy and smooth and it was mine for the taking. I would keep it until my eyes were able to draw again.

Then I discovered others and ended up bringing a whole collection home. It could wait, it would have to wait and I knew I could as patience is definitely one of my better qualities. It was a moment of clarity, to understand, to know How much my drawing means to me.
Eventually, Little pockets of time, half an hour when I could, an hour if my eyes felt strong enough. I enjoyed using the crayons and it was a good choice for me. I then worked with a black ink pen for the mermaids purse and realised my limitations. It was really hard to try and focus on the details. It was completed over about a week, a little at a time with weak eyes and a shaky hand.

I was so excited to complete the page of my new sketchbook. I so wanted to try using my acrylic inks and last week I started the next page. I used the dip in pen and very slowly built up the shells and then a paintbrush for the seaweed. It hasn't been easy but I have just worked away slowly, as and when I felt I could.
I was so pleased to complete this today. Two mussel shells, a blue and white shell and the twisted piece of seaweeds. It feels like an enormous achievement and I am so grateful that I can draw again. My eyes have changed, confirmed by my eye test yesterday. Next week I will have my new glasses and It is to be full steam ahead, I am going to make up for lost time.
Here is the view of my open book, it measures 33 inches wide , A3 but in landscape format. I am thinking of all those lovely objects and treasures on the shore and at the beaches. I plan to fill my new book with my finds. Wait until you see what I have been waiting to draw, a starfish and colourful leg I think belonged to a lobster. I have never found a starfish before on our beaches so I am really excited to draw it. Now I need to tidy up the messy table and turn the page ready. Hope you enjoyed seeing my drawings.
Looking forward to more beautiful sunny days, loving hearing the birds singing and seeing all the spring blossom. I have walked into my garden most days and just taken the time to enjoy the colours of the flowers.
All photographs taken in my garden, by me with my iPad.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the flowers and spring has arrived where you are too.

We have had some beautiful weather and such lovely days. I will leave you with a sunset from this week, taken from my bedroom window. Thank you for your lovely comments, I am hoping to get back to regular blogging. So hope you will come and visit. Millyx

Sunday 6 April 2014

Plenty of inspiration

I have been sewing, making my little patchwork quilt. I cut out lots of squares and just kept going until my quilt was finished.

Arranging squares. And adding a hare or two.

Choosing a border.

Stitching the binding by hand.

Finished, jumping for joy.

I will have to call it my Easter quilt.

The garden has so many lovely spring flowers.

White violets that are scented.
Daffodils I planted last Autumn.
And my Snakehead Fritillary.
Buds in the sunshine and some of the flowers in my garden.
I hope to draw some. Meanwhile I can enjoy them all. Each day there is something lovely to see. My eye is improving and I am seeing colours brighter. Thank you for your lovely comments. I have not been able to go on the computer for long, but I have started my first drawing with a box of crayons and a brand new sketchbook after a lovely walk at the beach. As the title says, plenty of inspiration everywhere I look.
I will leave you with a lovely sunset from this week. See you soon. Millyx