Saturday 4 April 2020

April 2020


It is a very strange time we are all living through. it is hard to write about so Let me  write my post and hope that everyone reading this finds a little bit of pleasure from what I write and show you from my little place in this world. 
Nature is and always has been a big part of my life. so  I will share some beautiful nature that is making me happy and occupied during this time.
My garden started to show lots of signs that Spring is finally arriving.  daffodils and the amazing Snakehead Fritillary flowers.  Those of you who  know my blog will already know how much I love these flowers and how I add more each year at the bottom of my garden.

each day I wander down to see them, spent time looking at them and usually pick a few favourites to bring into the house to draw. I have used my own homemade Blackberry ink and a fine nib in a dip in pen. It keeps my mind focused and it is a slow time carefully drawing as I concentrate on the flowers and the  patterns slowly appear.

My eyes are not as good as when I was younger but Starting to draw I guess I can also use my memory  of past drawings and my style of drawing appears to replicate the flowers.

And something lovely appears on the blank page. can you see how very beautiful these flowers are,  so delicate and  elegant. They really are a  special sight as they appear now year after year and even more special because I planted each tiny white bulb.

The birds are singing each morning,  hopping around the garden all day long.  We were talking about how they seem so safe here, they know we feed them and I even left a pile or two of nesting materials for them when I did some gardening and collected dry stems.  How delighted we were to spot the blackbird going into the privet hedge,  the same place she made a nest last year. Quietly I had  a gentle peep and there it was.
A beautiful new nest with two blue eggs. it melts your heart.

And  then my husband watched a Robin flying out of the ivy. Guess what,  another nest.  We have been respectful, kept away at a safe distance from both nests but will be delighted to see the young birds  later on in the year hopefully  hopping around in the garden from both of the nests. 

It makes my heart sing  to know they chose my garden  to build in and that I am doing something right living along side nature and caring for it. I hope they are the same family returning.