Tuesday 22 September 2015


Today I went walking. A slow walk as I noticed all that was around me. The sky was so blue and white fluffy clouds floated by while the hills were topped with a thick layer of clouds like whipped cream. I love this time of the year as the red berries hang from tiny threads and seem to dance along the length of the branches. I couldn't resist, I picked a few.

The hen come wandering over as she thinks I have come to feed her and looks up at me. Perhaps she remembers all that bread I threw over the wall the other day. I smile as I think of the ducks and hens running this way and that way racing to be first to gobble it down the moment each piece of bread hit the ground.

I kneel to capture the cow parsley seed heads against the sky. The sheep are all busy eating the grass and just ignore me.



I spy the farm in the distance which is along my way, I am on a mission to find more reds today.

There are lovely leaves.


I really like this one.

Rose hips catch my eye hanging over the stone wall from someone's garden.

Still more red berries but not the ones I am looking for.

After a long walk I arrive by the edge of the wood and this what I came for, it is the place where the lords and ladies are growing. Since I was last here they have all fallen so I feel it is okay to collect some. They are going into my book recording this stage of the life cycle. I have been tracking the story for months in my drawings and it is getting near to the end. The red berries are formed. Sadly the stalks are collapsing and the berries are falling off and this story is almost at its end.

I just finished this one so needed some new subjects.

I have so enjoyed this project, watching them form, change shapes and colours and I have learnt so much a more about this plant.

These two were recorded recently.


My tiger moth sits on the table, completed in between the red berry paintings. I captured my lovely Moth on a watercolour postcard size paper using my inks and a fine paintbrush and dip in pen.



As I have been Slowly working away, autumn has also been slowly creeping in. With such Cooler evenings we have been lighting a fire to take away the chill. The mornings bring the fog as it too creeps across the hills and over the estuary. One morning I was lucky enough to witness this scene.


Each sunset brings such beautiful colours to admire.

I am walking each day and I feel like I am surrounded by treasures, As every moment I see such beautiful things and realise how lucky I am to live here. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things that inspired me today. As I wander through this countryside I always feel so calm and contented.


Wishing you all some quiet peaceful time. See you soon Millyx