Thursday 13 May 2010

A Picture and a Postcard

I picked this flower yesterday as they are almost finished. It is my snakehead fritillary, see my other posting below. I was given the dead wasp after my husband found it in the house, a perfect subject for me he said. So I decided to put them together.
I knew in my mind that they would feature together because I have this beautiful postcard. I bought it many many years ago, before I had any of the flowers in my garden. It is painted by Georg Flegel (1566-1638). It says it is called Iris, Narcissus, Chess-board Flower and Hornet.
After I painted it I found my card and placed it next to my work. We see things, images that stay with us. It is so lovely to think hundreds of years ago some one had these lovely flowers and painted them too.

Thank you for visiting and your comments, I love reading them. Life has been busy, but now after all the hard work the sun is streaming into my new creative room, it feels good. I am sewing making a beautiful quilt, hoping to enter it in a show. Out side the garden is full of bees and butterflies and I have seen two damsel flies. So many things to inspire me.
Just going for a walk to see the bluebells and breathe in that wonderful smell.
Hope you like the picture.