Wednesday 25 November 2009

Inspiration from the Sea

I have been drawing and painting shells, the prize for my give away, which is on its journey to Peru. I do not want to spoil the surprise for Carolina. After it arrives I will post it here for you to see.
I can always find inspiration from the sea as I collect objects washed on to our local beaches, especially shells, feathers and pebbles. I often buy starfish and patterned shells to draw, beautiful shells from other lands.
But I can always find plenty of feathers because the estuary is home to many species of birds. All these objects go together so well, the patterns and colours of natural objects just seem to compliment each other.
I have a love of tags. Today I bought some brown ones to paint shells or berries or leaves on, putting little things I love on something else I love.
A little display inspired by the sea, hope you like them.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Pencil seedhead

I was in the garden and collected some really beautiful poppy seed heads. Then I discovered one which just looks like a little bird cage. The main structure of the seedhead all but disappeared except for the delicate ribs and the top circular fluted piece. It is like a piece of sculpture.
It reminded me of a drawing I did for my exhibition of a big fat chunky poppy seed head, and here it is. It is drawn with a HB pencil. I have this framed picture but have not looked at it for a while. It was nice to peel back the brown wrapping paper and discover this drawing. I remember sitting and drawing it in a different chair, the light coming from the right side. I always try to draw with the light coming from my left side. As I am right handed the shadows don't get in the way.
I liked the finished result. Hope you do.

Friday 13 November 2009

Some of my Favourite things

Here are a few of my favourite things made into MOO cards. Just to give you an idea of some of my nature drawings. At this time of the year it is red berries, seed heads and curling leaves. It is also a time to catch up and draw feathers and shells which I have collected at the beach.
Thank you for your lovely comments for the give away. All your names were written on a piece of paper and my husband picked out the winner. It is CAROLINA. I will start on a drawing for her prize and post it on here soon, and then to Carolina.
The other 8 people are going to be the proud owners of a set of my artcards. If you can send me your name and address by email I will post yours to you.
Photograph of the art cards above. I hope you will enjoy your prize.

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Objects found at the beach

It is a very stormy day. Living by the sea means we really feel the force of the winds and the storms. It is on days like this when all kinds of debris gets washed up by the sea. I like walking on the beach to see what is left in the tide line.
On a walk I found some interesting treasures to draw, berries, leaves, shells and a mermaids purse. It always amazes me how the red berries some how find their way to the beach. It is an old drawing but today reminds me of my beach walks. Take a peep at the bottom of my blog and see a walk on one of our beautiful local beaches, a place to collect feathers and shells.
This one was painted in watercolours. Press for close up.