Saturday 24 December 2016

A simple Country Christmas

Wishing you all A Very Happy Christmas Time.

The mantelpiece has been decorated with Ivy collected from my garden. The hyacinths are putting down roots into the water and the green shoots are growing well. The holly was picked but no berries to see but I can add some in my drawing. I did find a few red berries left by the hungry birds as they have feasted each day on the cotoneaster bushes. I popped them into the glass lanterns to decorate the white candles. A few favourite little decorations and my lovely angel cards, collected from past years and brought together for this little celebration of Christmas. The twinkling lights make it all feel magical and cosy and it feels like my home.
Nature features, seedheads of white Honesty, growing bulbs and green branches, a fir cone and the holly and Ivy. And a bowl full of brightly coloured glossy red apples.
I made some little stars with twigs and a red wreath with woven twigs I twisted into a circle. This is how Christmas feels for me, simple,honest, homemade and using nature just as my mum did. I remembered how she placed holly over pictures and it all looked so pretty and special and how we all helped decorate the real tree.
I painted a holly leaf, looking at the shape and glossy greens and thinking of times gone by. I know where there is red berried holly in the hedgerows but I will enjoy seeing it as I wander though the lanes. I love the red berries in the hedgerows, one of my favourite subjects to draw.
I won't have to wait much longer to smell the sweet hyacinths, such a welcome flower to remind us of the joy of growing and the pleasure we are given with the perfume that fills a room and greets us in the morning.
Simple pleasures, I try to remind myself how grateful I am to live in the countryside and know the joys and beauty that surround me. It seems my pictures do not want to be displayed so I will leave you with just words, my words and thoughts for now. And a promise I will post soon.
It does not seem long now until Spring will arrive, the snowdrops are already pushing up green shoots. I have planted so many pots of spring bulbs and feel excited waiting for them to appear. Almost a hundred new fritillary bulbs and how beautiful they will be when they grow and flower along with all the others in the garden. I shall once again sit and marvel at their beauty, intricate patterns on those elegant flowers heads as they grace my garden. And I shall fall in love with them all over again.
The log burner keeps the room so warm and cosy despite the stormy weather outside, the rain lashing against the windows and wind howling. I feel safe and warm, hot drinks and a mince pie warmed on the top of the hot burner enjoyed with visitors. Sitting quietly writing this post to wish you all a very Happy Christmas time wherever you are and whatever you do.
Wishing you all a peaceful Milly