Monday, 8 October 2007

edm 136 "draw something that is alive"

I sometimes feel so sorry for snails, most peole want to kill them . I actually like them, they are fascinating to watch as they peep out of their shells and then slide along. I find them to be really elegant in their movements and admire the way they can walk up walls. They have great patterns on their shells. I made mine pinky colours using inks and a paint brush, of course they are really browns. They were drawn from observations of the real live snails, so thought this fit the challenge. Press on the picture to see them close up.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

edm 139 "something with a handle"

I love baskets and have lots of different shapes and sizes which I have collected over the years. This drawing is of an old vintage basket which I bought from a car boot sale. It is old and a bit wobbly , but has lots of character.
I once went on a basket workshop and made a simple willow basket. I am really proud of my own handmade basket and for a first attempt it is not bad. It made me appreciate the work and skill that goes into baskets, even more than I already did.
My drawing is done with a black ink pen. The coloured bits in paint, as they really are coloured in the actual basket. I did this a while ago, but thought it fits the challenge of something with a handle. It is on a piece of A3 paper. Press the drawing for an enlargement so you can see the detail.