Monday, 29 March 2021

Looking Forward


It is officially Spring and the daffodils are out.   We  have put the clocks forward for British Summer Time. 

 The day has been dark and gloomy with a grey sky and a windy rainy wet view looking out of the window.  With  the arrival of the the full moon, it brought the high tide with sea water  covering most of the shore.  Thank goodness for the yellow cheerful jug of flowers.  It was one of those days when you need the lights on and a cosy fire going in the woodburner,  as the rain never seems to stop!  

    I sit by the window with the lamp fitted with a daylight bulb.  I glance around at all  my clutter and decide to have a little sort out, as it seems being organised is not my best trait. It is good clutter, creative inspiring and keeps me going during this strange time we are all living through. Under the lamp is a collection of  objects like the ivy skeleton leaf ,big pebbles and berries and blue china and jars of my ink and acorns that have been there a while. Then I am ashamed to see a jam jar with pink water containing  the first and second snakehead fritilliary flowers  from the garden that I picked to draw. The first one was never drawn and has now collapsed, shrunk and hanging off the side of the jar. 

 I did manage to draw the second flower this week in ink and used the water to wash my pen and brushes. hence pink water!  And I enjoyed painting the big pebble with the red berries as I liked them together. And the lovely new Sketch book was used to draw the skeleton leaf with my own handmade ink, using a dip in pen. SO all that clutter was used well.

Does anyone else use the back of the sofa  as your gallery?  I found some other art work I have been doing and there seems to be a colour theme going on.  Another lovely coloured  pebble  along with the acrylic paints and mussel shells.   So the gallery exhibits were propped up on the sofa to view.

 I really love this pebble found on the shore where the old iron mines were, hence the red colours.

Talking of colours I found my big box of crayons and have been sharpening some for the blue china found on a beach walk . Since the lock down here I have just been walking in the village. So these objects remind me of the sea shore which I am so looking forward to having the freedom to go on some lovely long leisurely walks along the sands.

I have had a quiet time drawing and working on some of the found pieces of broken china. It is fascinating looking at all those little patterns, fragments from the past  and all such beautiful little treasures.



Sending everyone good wishes, hope each and every one is keeping safe. I hope you enjoyed seeing my little Gallery.  From little part of the world.....See you soon.  Millyx

All art work By Eileen Postlethwaite   Please respect my ownership and copyright.2021