Monday, 2 May 2016

May has arrived


May has arrived. April was full of surprises as the weather had us all perplexed, one day sunshine and warm and then the next hailstones and endless rain and the grand finale was snow. I thought I would share some of the moments of April. The moon was amazing, A big moon brings big tides.

I always feel the pull to go and wander and see what the tide brought to our shore. I wandered down onto a wet soggy and slippery place but it didn't matter. I felt excited and the air was fresh and the drizzle made my cheeks glow. I found my way to the place I know so well. I had it all to myself.

It is such a special place, so quiet and peaceful. All alone with my thoughts.


I collected some objects to draw, loved the crab but he stayed there. I did bring the leaf which appears on my page and a whole bag full of finds but only so many are going to fit on my page!


I noticed the changes, the bank collapsing more and more, but then it is life, everything changes.

The beginning of a new page sketched out.

I have had several walks along the shore, it might look grey and dull but it never feels like that to me, I feel excited and alive as I search and find treasures. I love this environment, it is real and honest. It was so wet as the sloppy and slippery mud seemed to get everywhere, so if mud on your clothes is measured in contentment I scored pretty high.

There has been beautiful bright days and I have given my time to recording the fritillary. One day I sat on my step and used sepia ink to record details of a flower. I thought they would surely be over with some of the bad stormy days and so I wanted to draw as many as I could to catch them before they were gone.


Each day I wandered into the garden just to admire them. They have surprised me with how resilient they are, they look so fragile and delicate to withstand hail and frost, but they somehow did.


So elegant and beautiful and I love it when the sun lights them up .






I liked playing with shadows. And I like capturing them with pen and ink. I have to work so slowly so it all takes time but time well spent looking and seeing these wonderfully patterned flowers.


Red ink and red stained fingers. Which didn't wash off for days.



And one for my square book.


I have seen many colours during April. I saw my first and only ladybird, she crawled up and down my middle and ring fingers. I rested her on the leaf near to where I found her.





Beautiful coloured evening skies.





Stormy days with big grey clouds but then the sun shines through.




A little snow on the top of Blackcombe, but white mountains in the distance, just a few days ago.


And blue bright warm days to warm your soul.


And a two headed flower. They give me so much pleasure.


I planted them all, each one with my own hands. They have self seeded and grown in numbers over the years.

I could tell you about the day I rescued a toad but that's a whole different story for another day. I will leave you with the majestic steam train as it whistled through the village railway station on Friday.

I believe that's what you have to capture in life, the moments, just like the train they gone in a flash of smoke!



I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my April moments. Thank you so much for the lovely comments, I always appreciate each one and enjoy reading them. I hope you are all well and would love to hear what you are up to. Sending you all my Best wishes...... Millyx


Sunday, 3 April 2016

April Showers

April arrived along with the rain, it has rained and rained, shower after shower, with non stop rain. This afternoon I was pleased to see some relief with a couple of hours of sunshine before it started raining again.


I have mixed feelings as my fritillary crop is starting to flower and they are not going to last long in this rain. I went outside and picked some to draw. I spend a long time choosing a particular specimen as they are all different and yet all beautiful. Different patterns and colours and shapes as they are beginning to flower. I really feel excited each year as my Snakehead fritillary start to grow again.



I worked in pen and ink, it is a slow process dipping in the ink , observing the flower and recording the markings. I used a new ink colour called Indian Red, a Calligraphy ink. I recorded two buds, now opened up to the full flowers.


I then used some of my own homemade ink to record a flower, it worked out beautifully and I hope you realise how long it took with a dip in pen and all done by hand. I think it shows, shows that I care and love these flowers so much I am willing to spend the time.

I love watching them grow each year knowing I planted each tiny bulb myself and seeing how I am rewarded with such beautiful flowers. I hope to sketch as many as possible in this new sketchbook I have just started.



My favourite Woodstock hyacinths are giving off such a sweet scent. Last Thursday evening I sat on the step next to them listening to the birds sing as the sun was setting.



Another favourite scented flower is the primrose, these are growing in my garden so I picked a few flowers as they remind me so much of Easter time and as a member of the village brownies we collected little posies from the village hedgerows to give out to old people. I love their delicate scent as it immediately transports me back to my childhood, sadly they do not grow in so many of those places any more.

I made a new bag for Easter, with my hare drawings I did for Peony and Sage, my sepia ink drawings are used on the linen fabric. This one has just the sitting hare but there is also Fudge Hare fabric which has both my jumping hare and my sitting hare design on together.


I lined it with a primrose coloured fabric I had in my stash, here's the inside pocket.


I hope you all enjoyed your Easter. I have been working at two more pages in my square book I started this year. I have also chosen some lovely moments to share.... A butterfly in my bedroom which seems to follow me around the house.

The evening I wondered what was happening outside as I looked up from my drawing. It looked like the sky was on fire.


I ran upstairs to see the view from a bedroom, it was a rainbow forming and pink clouds.

I turned around and looked out at the front of the house to see this, rain showers and a sunset with a huge pink cloud formation. I was absolutely amazed. The most magical sight and that rainbow ending in my garden!


The view from my front windows. Very dramatic I think you will agree.


Just as quickly as the rainbow appeared it was gone, I am so glad I captured it on my iPad.



Another favourite flower. My sister bought me them for Easter, she knows I love them. Today I found a tiny flower press and collected a few flowers from around the garden and captured some of these too. I used to do this when I was young, between sheets of newspaper or in a thick book. Now I have a real flower press to use, seems too long since I have used one.


A quick look at the pages I am working on.


The two grey leaves and a pigeon feather, using pen and ink. It is a nearly there, a little pocket of time here and there. I am enjoying filling up new pages and recording my finds.


The skeleton leaves and China I found on the same walk as I wandered around the village lanes.


A foggy morning, a huge blanket of fog had crept across the estuary. I love that this view is always changing.


A gorgeous sky on Thursday and I will leave you with the sunset on Thursday evening. Such a lovely way to end the day. Thank you for visiting, and thank you for your comments which I love to read. I hope you enjoyed seeing my world and moments in my life. Hopefully I may have inspired you to look around where you live and see all the wonder around you. I would love to hear what you have noticed or something you found or inspired you in your environment.

See you soon. Millyx

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