Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Sometimes you watch a stone thrown into the water.

First the splash. Then the circle as the ripples grow and grow.


Then moments later it is gone. I have ideas like that, an idea to do something and it grows and grows and then it is gone because I never found the time to follow it through.

I have been busy in the garden. It is Autumn and there are lots of jobs that need doing. Just as I was finishing off , tidying away the tools and sweeping up I saw this pale moth creep out of the leaves. I thought I must draw it, because sometimes that is how it works, a gift from nature. I captured it with a dip in pen and used my own homemade oak gall ink that I made last year or the year before.


I like moths. I like my pincushion, carved in soft Lino and printed on linen and stuffed with sheep wool I collected off the shore.


One evening we walked on the shore and sat down by the waters edge. The sky was so pretty, pastel colours and it was so peaceful and still. The sheep were on the other side of the tidal river and as they walked along I captured their reflections in the water.


And the pink clouds. It was a magical evening.


I could have stayed there for ever watching the clouds.


As we wandered back to the railway station the moon was out.



So many things I see and find on this shore inspire me. Each and Every striped feather I collect is beautiful. I have been carving an egg in the Lino and printing myself another New tea towel. I made it completely from start to finish. First I cut and sewed the natural linen into a teatowels, then printed six eggs in a row with my carved eggs, all printed by hand with fabric paint. It worked out beautifully.

Sometimes it takes me a long while to get around to capturing my finds. Meanwhile nature carries on changing and decomposing and the snails helped as they ate the berries too. So sometimes it all adds to a more interesting subject.


And let's put them together as they were captured on the same day in the same homemade ink. A postcard of the Moth and the eaten Lords and lady red berries. Sometimes things just seem to work on the same page, a memory of my day.


Each time I create I start with an idea and fill an empty space with something new and made by me. A bit like the Sky that evening, shapes magically formed to fill the space ....right over the top of my house.

Miles away from each other yet sharing the same things like the moon. Lately it surprised me in the early morning.


And now as I press "post" my blog will ripple around the world . I hope you enjoyed seeing a little more of my world.

Sometimes I just have to capture the sunset and share it with everyone else. I hope everyone is well and enjoying this time of the year as much as I am.

Thank you for your comments, I love to read them, and appreciate you taking the time to write. See you soon. Millyx



Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Today I went walking. A slow walk as I noticed all that was around me. The sky was so blue and white fluffy clouds floated by while the hills were topped with a thick layer of clouds like whipped cream. I love this time of the year as the red berries hang from tiny threads and seem to dance along the length of the branches. I couldn't resist, I picked a few.

The hen come wandering over as she thinks I have come to feed her and looks up at me. Perhaps she remembers all that bread I threw over the wall the other day. I smile as I think of the ducks and hens running this way and that way racing to be first to gobble it down the moment each piece of bread hit the ground.

I kneel to capture the cow parsley seed heads against the sky. The sheep are all busy eating the grass and just ignore me.



I spy the farm in the distance which is along my way, I am on a mission to find more reds today.

There are lovely leaves.


I really like this one.

Rose hips catch my eye hanging over the stone wall from someone's garden.

Still more red berries but not the ones I am looking for.

After a long walk I arrive by the edge of the wood and this what I came for, it is the place where the lords and ladies are growing. Since I was last here they have all fallen so I feel it is okay to collect some. They are going into my book recording this stage of the life cycle. I have been tracking the story for months in my drawings and it is getting near to the end. The red berries are formed. Sadly the stalks are collapsing and the berries are falling off and this story is almost at its end.

I just finished this one so needed some new subjects.

I have so enjoyed this project, watching them form, change shapes and colours and I have learnt so much a more about this plant.

These two were recorded recently.


My tiger moth sits on the table, completed in between the red berry paintings. I captured my lovely Moth on a watercolour postcard size paper using my inks and a fine paintbrush and dip in pen.



As I have been Slowly working away, autumn has also been slowly creeping in. With such Cooler evenings we have been lighting a fire to take away the chill. The mornings bring the fog as it too creeps across the hills and over the estuary. One morning I was lucky enough to witness this scene.


Each sunset brings such beautiful colours to admire.

I am walking each day and I feel like I am surrounded by treasures, As every moment I see such beautiful things and realise how lucky I am to live here. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things that inspired me today. As I wander through this countryside I always feel so calm and contented.


Wishing you all some quiet peaceful time. See you soon Millyx




Sunday, 19 July 2015


I have had a busy July. Never too busy to take a walk, to just wander and stop and take it all in and see this beautiful countryside where I live.

I wandered along one of the lanes and through the foot path. Everywhere is so green. The lane seems so full of butterflies and moths and wild flowers. In a few months time it will be a carpet of shades of brown covered in fallen Autumn leaves. Even more reason to slowly wander and take it all in.

Foxgloves and mossy stone walls.
Sweet scented honey suckle .

Ivy creeping up walls and trees as birds sing from high branches.
A place to peep through and the promise of blackberries soon.
I am searching for the Lords and Ladies now hidden from sight by all this tall tangled growth.
Success. I find the green berries, it came home with me and I sketched it and will watch the berries change to orange and hopefully red.
This one had fallen and has a damaged and rotting stalk. I am struggling to find any specimens left and was happy with this one. It has also been sketched in my book, ready to paint this week.
Giant Cow parsley and butterflies fluttering every where. This is my place to pick the dried seed heads later on in the year. Don't tell anyone will you.
I am about to draw some cowparsley as I do each year. I also am making a new pin cushion and a little lavender bag from this piece of fabric with my drawings on. This was a sample piece which Kimberley sent me when I did this design of the cowparsley and dandelion clocks for Her fabrics at Peony and Sage. You can see this original design of my hand drawings in the fabrics at top of my blog in a different colour.
The pincushion will be stuffed with sheep wool I found at Wales and brought home and washed. I am using the lavender from my garden to fill it. What a pretty little cowparsley cushion it will make with my original hand drawings from 2011.
I have collected lots of sheep wool this year, every time I see it around the village I collect some. I might be able to stuff a mini quilt. Meanwhile I am sleeping under one of my quilts that I made in 2010. Some of you may remember. I printed 777 butterflies, moths and dragonflies and the colours of the rainbows and embroidered it too. I exhibited it at the Festival of Quilts that year. It was hidden in a bag but now each night I close my eyes and dream surrounded my beautiful colourful quilt, made by my own hands.
I love creating with butterflies and moths. I made a Lino print and have been trying it out on fabric and paper. On a notebook. I had such fun carving this and hand printing it. Lots of ideas whizzing in my head. I can safely say there will be a Moth Tea towel soon. Another one for my collection!
And yesterday as I went for a walk I stumbled across a beautiful tiger moth on the road near my house. I wrapped it up carefully and brought it home. I have drawn one before but will record this one. Many years ago I found one in my bedroom.
It really is a stunning Moth, a little damaged but I was so thrilled to find it.
I had a huge moth fly in through my open window this week and fly round and round my bedroom. I eventually caught it and released it into the night sky.

There is something about wings, I see them everywhere and they make me stop and look. Whilst away on my travels in July I looked up as the angel looked down. Another kind of beauty so hard to believe created by the hand out of a piece of stone. Then every where I go I see beauty.
I will leave you with an amazing sunset over the estuary.

Each day I look out of my window and watch the sunset. I feel so lucky to live here. So inspired. How could I not be happy and contented. Thank you for visiting, hope you enjoyed my post. Milly x

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