Friday 18 May 2007

Beach Finds

I like going for a walk along the beach and collecting objects that I find. This picture was drawn from a collection of objects I found on one of my beach walks. I love oak leaves and this huge leaf was on the sand at the waters edge . I found the red berries on the tide line , and I wondered how did they get there? The feather , blue shell and pebble were all brought home and arranged on the paper in front of me and then I drew them as a record of my day.
It was a beautiful day and the beach is such a lovely calm and relaxing place to be . I always feel free and alive and feel so inspired. My picture reminds me of that day. This picture was painted in acrylic paints , it is going to be in my exhibition this summer at Brantwood , Coniston in the Lake District.

Wednesday 16 May 2007

Oak Leaves and Acorns

I just love oak leaves and acorns. Everywhere I go and I see them, I have to collect them. I have lots of different drawings of oak leaves .
I have found some interesting oak leaves on the tideline, having been sea washed and turned into a very dark brown colour. I painted the dark oak leaf with a shell, feather and red berries, all found on the same day. I have a pencil drawing of a very fragile decaying leaf and a painting of a fresh green leaf on a piece of branch.
These oak leaves in my picture were collected by the lake at Coniston. I loved the colours and shapes and tried to capture them , so on the day I found them I brought them home and layed them out in a row and drew them .They are drawn in Derwent coloured pencils . This is one of my collection of 8 artcards and lots of people have bought this card. I like the idea that lots of people have my oak leaves and acorn drawing.
The original drawing is going to be in my exhibition. It looks really beautiful now it has been framed . I can remember the day we were walking by the lake and I saw all the leaves and spent ages choosing the ones I liked the best . I have some lovely detailed drawings of the acorns , using pencil which will also be displayed at my exhibition.
If you would like to see some more of my drawings visit my website.

Friday 11 May 2007

Collected Objects on my walk.

I like going for awalk . My eyes are constantly scanning the
ground ,the hedgerows and the views . I notice all kinds of things as I walk and every now and again I see something which attracts my attention and makes me stop and look .
I collect objects and always arrive home with a pocket full of
bits and pieces . This particular day, the two feathers were laying at the side of the road near to the large oak tree where I collected the fragile pale oak leaves . The little dark brown leaves littered the ground under the hawthorn tree and a rose hip was picked from the otherwise bare hedgerow. It was a cold frosty day last year. I came home and drew the objects. I liked the shapes , the colours and patterns and this is how I placed them on the paper in front of me. It is a reminder of that day. I like working like this, just set off and see what you find , a walk or a day out somewhere, at the beach , in a garden .Try it , just look and see what you find.
It is painted in watercolour paints.