Monday 7 September 2009

Autumn Gifts

I like Autumn. I like the anticipation of all the natural objects that I will find and want to draw. As the weather becomes wet and stormy leaves are being blown off the trees and the ground is littered. The seeds from trees are also being blown and scattered just as nature designed. The colours are changing, Autumn is creeping in every where I look.
The other day this little butterfly blew into my garden and was caught in a spider web. I found my oak leaf on the shore, the salty water has given it a rusty orange colour along the veins. I collected the sycamore wings a while back and love the twisted stalk, and I picked the fresh red shiny berries on Saturday. They go went together in my drawing as signs of Autumn, things I have found at this time of year.
Time for something new so I bought myself some acrylic inks, this was my first time using them, and I really like them. I chose my usual set of colours, and for this drawing I used just three of them sepia brown, yellow ochre and red, and here is my finished result. Thought it would be good to let you see the real specimens too. Press picture for close up.