Wednesday 30 June 2010

Lovely Memories

I am home after a really nice holiday in Madeira. It was so nice to return to the island as it triggered so many memories as we stayed here for ten weeks back in 2004. It was a time when I did many drawings and paintings, little objects each day. The picture shows many of the little shells I found on the sandy beach near us. The two lovely shells I bought in Madeira were later made into one of my art cards. This was part of a display of some of my shell collection from when I had my exhibition. They always remind me of Madeira.

Lots of beautiful things inspired me as we looked around the museums and galleries. The colours of fruit and vegetables and the flowers at the market. Tables piled high with freshly picked cherries and strawberries been sold on the corner of the street.

A tropical garden, incredibly beautiful churches, tiles, Mosaic patterned streets, to name a few of the images fixed in my memory. The Firework displays over the harbour, as young and old all joined in to watch, were magical. Everyone makes you feel so welcome, it is relaxing place and now back home I feel very refreshed and inspired.

I was pleased to read all the comments while I have been away. Thank you.