Tuesday 30 June 2009

Beach Pebbles

I have selected and painted some of my pebbles. Each time I go for a walk on the beach I carefully choose a few lovely pebbles to bring home. It might be their colours, or it might be the pattern or it is the smooth rounded shape....but when I find the right one ....I just have to have it. I really like the grey ones with white circles and stripes, they are probably my favourites.
After selecting the ones to draw I placed them in the circular shape on my paper, and I do love this little arrangement, it turned out perfect.
I used acrylic paints. Press for larger view.

Monday 15 June 2009

Tiny Blue shells

When I go for a walk along my local beaches I collect feathers, shells, leaves, pebbles and seaweed. The shells here are usually tiny, cockles, mussels and crab shells, nothing very fancy. But I like these really tiny striped shells. I like their simple shapes, their pretty stripes and the fact that I found them. These were all blue ones on the stretch of beach I was walking. At a different beach they are brighter colours like yellow, pink, blue and orange stripes.
They are simple and yet beautiful. They are so thin and delicate and yet survive the strength of the sea as they are washed up on my beaches. Just like a child I find them and add them to my treasures. I painted them with watercolours.

Sunday 7 June 2009

Fragments of china and drips of tea

I collected the fragments of china and the old brown oak leaf on the same day. They were found by the lake at Coniston. I love these little pieces of china, what did they used to be and who did they belong to? The answer I will never know but it is fascinating to think about.
I found them together, so they went in a drawing together and then I dripped my tea across my paper...I think it was meant to be, maybe they were a teapot and cups and saucers. They are painted using watercolour paints, press picture for close up.
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