Sunday 15 July 2012

Green Berries And Blue Quilt.

I collected the green berries on the Lord and Ladies and recorded this stage of the plant.  Then we went away to see our daughter.   I returned home to find the berries are changing to orange and then they will gradually turn red,  but the stalk is all rotten and slimy. I like drawing them but  I am struggling to find many left in the hedgerows because of the heavy rain which makes them rot and collapse.  I put the green leaf next to it, this was done a while ago.  After searching through an older sketch book I have also added one of my old drawings to show when they reach darker green  and red berries.   The leaf is painted using my acrylic ink in sap green and yellow ochre. For the green berries sap green, olive green and yellow ochre and sepia brown with the dip in pen.
I did not draw while I was away but my eyes constantly looked at my new surroundings on the long journey to Brighton and back.   I collected some objects from a beach and some oak leaves from a branch to draw later.  The colours and scenes were of a very green and fertile English countryside.   The sky has given the most amazing cloud formations everyday and  different colours, from grey and white to threatening black which then brought huge down pours.   I missed our hills.  I love returning home and seeing the familiar views.  We arrived back on the most beautiful evening,  a crisp outline and such a lovely coloured sunset.

It felt good to be home, safe and well.  The geese have arrived and we hear them each morning.
Such a pretty sunset to greet us.  The colours were just spectacular and I stood at the window and just looked.
 It is only days before the Olympic Games.  I have a certificate to tell me that my quilt is going to be given as "A Gift Of  Quilts",  to the Seychelles.   I am delighted that My Blue Windmill quilt will find a home in the Seychelles when it is gifted to their Olympic team.

 The certificate and a few left over bits from the quilt which I contributed to The Gift Of  Quilts.
"Blue Windmills" quilt going to The Seychelles Olympic Team.  

Hope you like the green leaf and berries.

I am busy packing as we are going on holiday.  I hope to find time to draw and paint,  packing some pens, brushes and a sketch book, so will share that with you on my return.   So I will not be able to post for a couple of weeks, computer free holiday for me.   My eyes will be wide open.   I am going to my favourite place and I am so excited to return after four years.
Thank you as always for the lovely comments.
Have a lovely Summer everyone. See you soon. Millyx