Friday 27 February 2009

Virtual sketch February Challenge

This is my drawing of the February 2009 virtual sketch group challenge
It was painted using acrylic paint and then I used some coloursoft crayons on the water over the paint. I don't ever do scenes or landscapes so this was a really hard challenge for me. I have to confess when I saw the scene I didn't feel like doing it. I am glad I did and was pleased when I completed it. For me it was getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new.
My picture measures about 14 x 16 inches. Press to see larger.
I will go and look at everyone elses pictures now.

Tuesday 24 February 2009

Three fine feathers

I did this drawing of the three feathers and haven't yet made my mind up if it is finished or not. I like it as it is, but yet feel there are little bits here and there that need a little more work. Sometimes I regret not leaving a drawing, as the extra work spoils what was already there. Of course, you just get to see the picture, you didn't see the earlier versions. So I thought I would post this and maybe I will add the extra bits another time.
I drew it in pencil and added colour with a fine brush and acrylic paint. For those of you that don't already know, I collect feathers. They are one of my favourite subjects to draw, I love drawing all the different feather shapes. Hope you like my .... Three Fine feathers. Press to see it larger.

Saturday 21 February 2009

edm 211 "in the style of " .. Leonardo Da Vinci

I am always collecting oak leaves and acorns. I planted some acorns and recorded their growth. The idea was to then somehow draw and record this progress. I have drawings on pieces of paper, others in sketch books so when I saw this challenge I decided to use my oak drawings as the subject.
I have recorded " in the style " of the great master Leonarda Da Vinci. He made lots of detailed and observational drawings of the same subject on one sheet and often used inks and red chalks. So I have used sepia ink, drawing and writing with a paint brush. Derwent drawing pencils in sanguine, venetian red and terracotta were used to add the reds on the acorns and leaves.
He had extraordinary interest in so many subjects. There is no doubt about his accuracy of his subject and it is his observational skills that I admire. Seeing his drawings, especially his natural subjects always inspires me.
I had lots of fun wetting the paper and blotting the ink to give it an "old" feel. I have finally put my sequence of the growth together, yet I feel humble to even attempt to make it look like his wonderful work. Hope you like it. Might do more on it and post that later.
Press for larger image.

Saturday 14 February 2009

Snowdrop..edm 209 draw a shadow

It is the first spring flower. Clumps of the white snowdrops are growing at the bottom of my garden and I have picked a little bunch and put them in my kitchen window.
It was interesting to draw as it really makes you see this pretty flower. The delicate little green stem holding the white drooping flower head. The three petals and then the little cup shaped centre with the pretty green markings. A simple flower yet it holds such promises that spring is on the way.
It made a lovely shaped shadow, my edm challenge 209 draw a shadow. It is drawn using a HB pencil. Press for larger image.