Saturday 22 December 2007

Feathers and oak leaves

This is a drawing I did earlier this year. I went for a walk and collected all these objects from the ground. The oak leaves, the two feathers , lots of little brown hawthorn leaves and some red berries. When I arrived home I arranged them on the paper into a pleasing composition and then drew them and painted them in acrylic paint.
It was in my exhibition during the summer. It is now in Country Living magazine in the January 2008 . My first drawing to be published, but there is more to come.

Saturday 8 December 2007

edm 91 draw an apple

This drawing of an apple which kind of represents my interest in the natural process of decay. I like watching and recording things as they start to alter and change shape as they start to decay. This apple, which I have recorded as a beautiful fresh green specimen picked from the tree took me days to paint, as the days went by it began to wither and shrivel up . Such interesting shapes formed , the leaves dried and twisted and I just had to draw it. So here is my drawing using a HB pencil. I thought it might interest others , press picture to see in detail.