Thursday 28 February 2008

Edm challenge 116 Draw something green

I collect feathers and love drawing them. They are usually feathers that I find on the sea shore from sea birds. I thought I would try a peacock feather bcause of the beautiful colours and bought this one from the garden centre. It was tricky matching the colours with my Derwent studio pencil crayons. This is the finished result. It is on a piece of A3 size paper. As it is mostly green I am using it for the Edm 116 challenge.

Friday 8 February 2008

Three oak leaves

I have been working on these three oak leaves. I started off using Derwent graphitint pencils to draw out the shape and details. Then I used a paint brush and wet the graphitint, my first time at doing this. It gave quite a nice leaf, the colours became brighter and the original drawing stayed true, but I felt it was just a foundation for what I hoped to achieve. After painting over it with acrylic paint and a bit of experimenting with Derwent coloured pencils and more painting, this is the finished drawing of the three oak leaves.
I like playing around with different materials and mixing them with each other. You can often discover new ways of working with your materials. The drawing is on A3 size paper.
I am really pleased with the finished result and the lovely rich colours. I love the shape of oak leaves and everyone is unique. They were collected from a beautiful old oak tree in my village.

Monday 4 February 2008

My first Moleskine 2008

Well I just had to go and find a shop that sells Moleskine. So this is my first one. It felt a little strange working on the small size page, I usually work on a larger size piece of paper. I have decided to make it a nature journal and hope to use it throughout the year. Here is one of the first pages, red berries and leaves which I found and Collected in January. I like the creamy yellow colour of the paper which again is a change as I usually work on white. So my very first Moleskine with one of my first drawings, in pencil and acrylic paint for the red berries and brown leaf.