Monday, 31 December 2012

The End of the Year

The last day of the year.   It has been a high tide and a blustery day,  as I watched the estuary quickly  fill up with the  rough sea water.  The angry looking sky threatened rain but instead the clouds lifted and the hills glowed a red orange colour for a brief moment and then once again the heavy clouds sank low and the hills are gone from our view.   Looking out  from my window I like the way it highlights the shapes of the twisted branches and the dried seed heads against the pink sky.   Little sparrows fly in and out of these woven stems and I can quietly watch them from inside my living room.
I picked some of the seed heads to put in the drawing.  The bare trees, branches, plants  and hedgerows all  have this same skeletal feel.  It is what happens every year, the end of the cycle and  the seeds for a new year have been scattered.
The drawing is done with a black fine line pen and a paint brush and sepia ink .

As the new year approaches we look back and we look forward.  I have been looking back at my year and thinking,   I have been eagerly awaiting the new year and planning.  Having this blog and sharing my drawings has been such a wonderfully rewarding  part of my life,   by reading the lovely comments and knowing how much pleasure my drawings can give to other people.                        
Now I would like to have a published book of my work, a permanent record and another way for other people to share and enjoy my art work.   I have been thinking this could be my new year project.
Of course I do not  know how this is going to happen yet,  but I have the feeling that this is the next logical phase of drawings from nature.   Anyone with any  ideas or suggestions or experience or contacts, please feel free to comment, as I would be grateful  for any help or input on this subject of agents and publishers.
 The little sparrows play all day outside the window, singing and catching  insects and sometimes just resting and admiring the view.  In a couple of months in the springtime they will be building their nests  using bits of these dried plants.  I love watching them each day as they fly in and out of this adventure playground and chase each other around the garden.  So that just leaves me to send you all my best wishes for a
"Happy and Healthy and Creative  New Year"   to you all.                      Millyx

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Thank you to everyone that visits " drawings from nature" and for all the lovely comments you write,  which  I really appreciate and love to read.  It seems to have been a busy time here. I made some presents and have been busy knitting, book making and sewing.
My daughter has been visiting and it was lovely to spent time with her, we celebrated Christmas and had our turkey dinner on Sunday.  Another lovely day with my friend and her family on Saturday. Today is a quiet relaxing day. I might even have some drawing time.
 So I hope you are all  enjoying  your day, where ever you are.

Best Wishes To Everyone,                                                        Millyx

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

December Days

Now that December has arrived it has brought with it some bitterly cold weather.  The birds are coming into the garden and feeding on the red berries. The ground was littered in the half eaten fruit.  A very tame  blackbird prefers to hop by the kitchen window,  it seems to know we will instantly throw some bread outside.  I would like to think this was a blackbird who was born and raised in our garden and he knows it is a safe place to be.  We had a nest in the ivy and it would be so nice if it was our blackbird.
We heard the birds singing early today,  as it was such a lovely morning and the sun was streaming into the back of the house.   Outside it  was cold and frosty but such a beautiful  bright day,  and as we drove up and over the moors we admired the sight of the snow covered Lakeland hills.  The view looked spectacular, huge white shapes and a clear blue sky.
 The December landscape is now stripped bare and it is easy to see the patterns of the stone walls and the dark linear shapes of the trees showing their structure of trunks and branches.  We passed lots of little woods where we could glance through the tall trees and see the dead and dry woodland floor, everywhere in pale shades of browns and  then the bright rusty coloured bracken which glows in the sunlight.
It was bitterly cold as we wandered around the market town, as the market traders blew into their hands and danced from foot to foot  trying desperately to keep warm.  Hats, scarves and gloves were essential and everyone seemed to move around quickly doing their business and avoiding staying out longer than needed.  Our journey home was so pretty in the sunlight, as the sun was so low in the sky it cast a pink glow and made the dark trees stand out even more.  As we reached home it was almost sunset and we witnessed a deep pink sky  on this clear frosty evening.  It was lovely to return to a warm fireside.
   My drawing is a simple collection of some of some of the  berries off the ground,  a red leaf found  alongside them and a twin sycamore seed.  I really liked the dark edges of the red leaf and the way the sycamore is also turning darker.  Six red berries in a line just felt right and completed the composition.
I chose red, yellow ochre, sepia and black  and all of the shades were mixed from the four inks.
 I used the thin brush and every tiny line was made slowly as I meticulously painted the objects.
I wanted to really capture the delicate qualities of these winter objects and their colours and shapes.
I used red and yellow ochre for the leaf, red and black for the darker shades at the edges. Sepia and yellow ochre and a little of the dark edge mix on the sycamore.
The finished drawing.

I had a little helper.
I have been knitting a tiny cardigan and some warm blankets this week for a little birthday girl. And of course the mouse wanted to help paint!                                                              

Thank you for your comments. Hope you enjoy seeing what I have been drawing and knitting for my little friends birthday. Hope you are all keeping warm and cosy.                  
Best wishes to everyone.    Millyx