Friday, 11 May 2007

Collected Objects on my walk.

I like going for awalk . My eyes are constantly scanning the
ground ,the hedgerows and the views . I notice all kinds of things as I walk and every now and again I see something which attracts my attention and makes me stop and look .
I collect objects and always arrive home with a pocket full of
bits and pieces . This particular day, the two feathers were laying at the side of the road near to the large oak tree where I collected the fragile pale oak leaves . The little dark brown leaves littered the ground under the hawthorn tree and a rose hip was picked from the otherwise bare hedgerow. It was a cold frosty day last year. I came home and drew the objects. I liked the shapes , the colours and patterns and this is how I placed them on the paper in front of me. It is a reminder of that day. I like working like this, just set off and see what you find , a walk or a day out somewhere, at the beach , in a garden .Try it , just look and see what you find.
It is painted in watercolour paints.


Jane said...

Milly - so glad to have found your blog again - your drawings are always so beautiful.
I am going to redo my blogroll sometime this week and shall put you on - I always found that looking at your CL blog was a lovely start to the day. Actually that is a lie - it would have been a lovely start to the day if I hadn't had to battle through the many layers of the CL site to see them. Now I won't have to as you are bloggered!

ginny said...

Found you through Jane at Snapdragon. What beautiful,sensitive drawings. Will check back often.
ginny x

Jane said...

Milly - you mentioned an exhibition - when and where?