Monday 23 July 2007

My Dragonfly at My Exhibition.

My Exhibition is open and it is so wonderful to see my drawings in the beautiful gallery at Brantwood. I do feel so proud to have achieved this and I hope that all the people that visit the exhibition enjoy seeing my art work. It is such a wonderful setting on the edge of Coniston Lake in the Lake District. Brantwood is the former home of John Ruskin , follow my link to Brantwood to see this lovely place.
In the gallery there are two display cabinets and I have filled them with lots of my collections of natural finds...shells, seeds , insects and feathers. I have also displayed lots of my drawings, sketch book pages and art materials . This is, for me, an important part of the exhibition and shows actual objects that are in in my drawings. Everyone seems to love the cabinets, with all the interesting little specimens, such as the dragonfly which I found last year in the roadside . It had been hit by a car and was injured, it died shortly afterwards but I kept it in a jar and did some drawings of it.
My exhibition is on for five weeks , so if anyone comes to the English Lake District and to Coniston you can see it at Brantwood in the Severn Studio. It is called "Drawings from Nature". The Large Dragonfly drawing is displayed over the fireplace, this is the original drawing , which I use as my logo for everything. It is on the Posters for my Exhibition. So follow the Dragonfly. It is drawn using coloured inks, with both paint brushes and ink pens. This dragonfly was found in a court yard in Malta, where I made detailed sketches and then later made this large drawings . This is one of my set of art cards ,on my website.


annakarenin said...

Good luck with the exhibition I am sure people will love it as your drawings are incredible. We were planning on staying home this holiday but might have to go to Scotland if so will definitely stop off to see it.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Yes, congratulations on the exhibition. This dragonfly picture looks great. I'd love to look at it close up. I also love the sound of the collections - as you may tell I love them myself!! What is the finishing date of the exhibion? I might try and see it -if I get a day off.

Joan Y said...

Congratulations Eileen! I wish I could make it out there to see your exhibition but alas, that is somewhere on the other side of the planet! :) Best of luck and well wishes from Hawaii! J

Joanna said...

Your exhibition sounds wonderful, i would love to visit if we are closer and see all your collections. I bet your drawsing look more wonderful close up the computer screen is never the best at reproducing images