Friday, 30 October 2009

Autumn Finds

As the wind blows the trees are becoming more and more bare. The leaves and seeds are scattered everywhere. As I walk around the village I collect a few samples of Autumn leaves and seeds and berries. This little arrangement was the result of my collecting. I just placed them on my paper.... a couple of dark brown patterned leaves, a maple leaf, red berries and two sycamore "helicopter" seeds.
So many wonderful coloured leaves, that all attract my attention. I have been bringing some home almost every day. I will not be able to record them all. So instead I just spend a little time looking and observing their colours, shapes and patterns.
I am really enjoying using my new acrylic inks with a lovely sable paint brush, rather like using watercolours. As usual, press picture for larger view.


Frances said...

Hello to you, Milly!

Grand to see what you've been looking at this autumn. I am so glad to have been able to once again have a bit of time to walk through Central Park. Lots of interesting seasonal changes beginning to spread through its landscape.

This weekend is not only Halloween ... tomorrow ... but also Marathon Day on Sunday, and I have been seeing lots of very fit, if also thin global tourists around town for the past few days. As these expert runners find their way all through the course that covers all our NYC boroughs, I wonder if any of them will notice the leaves?

Hoping that none of them falls on a slippery leaf!


Acornmoon said...

Another bold, bright and beautifully observed Milly drawing!

You have an unmistakable signature style. If I saw this drawing I would know instantly it was yours.

Hope you enjoyed Brighton, trains bring people closer don't you think?

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Milly, love your drawings! Best wishes. Lesley

Ann said...

A beautiful autumn collection!