Monday 14 December 2009

Carolina shells

As promised I am posting the drawing of shells I completed for Carolina. She was the one who won my give away, and she requested shells. I posted "the original", all the way to Peru and nearly three weeks later Carolina left a comment to tell me it had arrived safely, three minutes earlier. I think it is fair to say she seemed very pleased with her prize.
Also, I now know these shells are called "Haitian tree snail shells", thanks to another blogger telling me. So I googled them and discovered they are also known as "candy striped" and "rainbow" shells. It was the lovely coloured stripes which attracted me to buy them from the craft shop.
They have been painted in their true colours, I matched them as near as possible for both colours and patterns. They are so lovely, a joy to draw and paint.
So now somewhere in Peru, one of my original drawings is giving pleasure to someone else, that is a really nice thought.


Carolina said...

Hi Milly :)
The painting is soooo photogenic ;o) but I must say it's even better in person. Thank you so much again, it made me so happy :)
Best regards,

Ann said...

Beautiful! And lucky Carolina :-)

Frances said...

Shells have shapes and colors that tempt every artist. Milly, these that you have sent to Carolina are such beauties!

It is fun to play with scale. Take a tiny shell and then ... draw or paint it quite large. I used to do quite a few of these in colored pencils on beautiful watercolor paper.

Your picture encourages me to re-visit this theme. The colors can be so subtle.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Milly, the shells are lovely - no wonder Carolina is so pleased. Shells are beautiful, inspirational and challenging. Best wishes. Lesley

kookaburra said...

You gave away such an amazing painting as a prize. What a beautiful artistic spirit engendered in such an act.
Happy new year to you & your readers.