Saturday, 24 July 2010

The paints are out again!

It seems to have rained and rained for days now. It was sunny yesterday so I grabbed the chance to go for a walk down on the shore. It was wonderful to see blue sky and the sunshine twinkling on the water. I collected some beautiful feathers and this twin sycamore seed in the tide line. I came home with a real urge to draw. I intended to draw some of the feathers but the berries in the jar with the slowly rotting stalk had to be first in the queue.
I picked it on Monday from my sisters garden. It had green berries then, which changed to orange during the week. Since yesterday, as you can see in the photograph, the stalk has turned to a soft slime!
It has been a while since I have had my paints out so it was lovely to sit and paint again. It took me five hours to complete this page in my square book. I chose a piece of china with orangey markings and added the new sycamore too. I used acrylic paints, two different yellows, green and red to mix the colours for the berries. Then I added blue and white with the other colours to paint the china and seed. Also a little touch of gold paint on the china, it must have been something beautiful in its day. Hope you like it. Press picture to see it larger.
My husband has just arrived home with a tiny Magpie moth he found on the road.....a gift for me I am about to draw it now. I will be back soon with the results.
Once again thank you all for your lovely comments which I do appreciate and love reading.


Eva said...

Again I absolutely love it, including you keeping an eye on the process of decay of the plant. It's all so interesting. That's the real life you are drawing.
I am looking forward to see the feathers.

Pondside said...

So nice to see you back with your paints. I hope you're having a good summer where you are. I'm enjoying every minute of ours!

Raining Acorns said...

Oh, hooray that you have your paints out again! And what a lovely painting you've made of the lord and lady and china (clever title). I do also love, as always, your descriptions of the materials you used and colors you chose.

Thanks, too, for commenting on the Elk Lake post--it is a beautiful spot. I did get your message about wrack line. It was indeed great to be able to attend. I'll be bringing home #78 (which headed my post about her exhibit) and #348. Am looking forward to that.

acornmoon said...

Where is the quilt that you wrote about in your last comment I wonder? I thought you might have posted a picture of it on your other blog. I am always intrigued to see your creations.

Your book is going to be so lovely when complete, a true labour of love. I love the combination of pattern and plant form, always so beautifully observed.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely, Milly. The luscious fruit and shard of china and sycamore 'helicopter' work so well together. A very pleasing composition. Lesley x

S. Etole said...

The berries/seeds here are still green but I'm keeping an eye on them so I'll be able to see when they turn orange.

Von said...


ELFI said...

toujours aussi délicat et juste!

Carol Creech said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, Milly. It feels great to be doing a little drawing now and again! I love the berries and the whole painting in your latest. Awesome, as always.

Carolina said...

Hi Milly!
It is wonderful to see you 'reactivated' again, and painting those beautiful images that I love. You are an inspiration to me :)

Now I'll go check the newer post.

Un fuerte abrazo,