Saturday, 28 August 2010

Spotty Leaves

I thought I would show you a series of drawings to show the development of the two spotty leaves. I used acrylic paints and wanted to capture the fresh greens of the sycamore leaves which I picked off the tree.
First my pencil sketch and using a mix of green, yellow and brown paint I added the colours. Then the progress as I painted to the end result with the shadows. Another page in my square book. This was completed in around 6 hours.
Yesterday we had a beach walk and I collected some pieces of freshly washed up seaweed and feathers and shells. I hope to find time today to record something as a reminder of the beautiful sunny day, because today is grey and stormy and very windy making the sea rough and angry looking. So I am off to sort out my salty sea smelling bag!
Hope you like the two spotty leaves. Press for close ups.
Thank you for your comments about the Butterfly Sheet. Millyx


Carol Creech said...

Hi Milly - this is so great to see your process from drawing to painting! The leaves are beautiful - what lovely shades of green. And your butterfly quilt is amazing! Have a great weekend.

S. Etole said...

I enjoyed enlarging the photos and seeing your work in progress.

Raining Acorns said...

What a wonderful treat to be able to see this painting as it progressed. I love the way the leaves dance on the page.

Frances said...

Hello Milly. Aren't various leaves interesting just at this ending of summertime. Some of those lively leaves are still holding on to the branches they've know since their early days. Others have by now greatly matured, and might even have left that branch.

Your square book continues to collect very beautiful drawings and paintings. What a visual journal you have.

Milly, I have to admit that this post of your really does make me quite ashamed. I really am not making time for drawing.

Once I get past that shame, perhaps this post of yours will get met going with my own sketchbook, pencils, paints, etc.

Thank you. xo

Posie Rosie said...

Another lovely painting Milly, gorgeous.

acornmoon said...

I wonder what it is that makes those spots, decay perhaps? Mould or lichen? Anyway, where others may see decay you have found beauty.

Fashion Chalet said...

Cool blog! :)


Jill said...

Seeing your careful recording of detail one can understand why botanists and archaeologists rely on the accuracy of artists rather than the camera to record their findings.

bubblemunch said...

It's such a pleasure to be able to see how you build up to a finished piece from your initial find and sketch.

I have recently discovered a ginkgo tree near to where I live. I would love to be able to portray them as you do with all of your natural finds.
Thanks for sharing :-)

ELFI said...

plus vrai que nature! bravo