Thursday 11 November 2010

Windy weather

Windy weather, stormy weather is the forecast today. You can say that again, as we can hear the wind whistling through the house. We are cosy and warm with a wood burner. I am having a well deserved rest having just spent the morning helping to fill and carrying baskets full of wood to the coal shed with my husband. The truck load is now stacked high. We had the first snow on the hilltops during Monday night. So now I am now going to sit and draw and paint.
My laptop is poorly, gone to be looked at. I started moderating the comments as I was getting lots of spam in the comments and maybe have got a virus, anyway my screen is just a mass of wavy blue lines. I am using someone elses computer, had to load my photographs here too.
So that is why I have not posted for a while, crossing my fingers it is not too serious and can be fixed.
Back to the drawing. I was walking down a little lane and suddenly I hit a wind tunnel, debris was blowing through the hedge, and I had to protect my eyes from the branches and leaves and bits of dead plants crashing into me. Then as I passed all was calm again. This strange experience made me stop and look back and I realised the road was littered in the blown red berries, leaves and twigs and the hedgerow was stripped clean. I picked up rose hips and hawthorn berries, leaves and some rusty coloured fern. Here is some of my collection, painted in acrylic ink and my fine number one sable brush. It is becoming my favourite brush when I am in the mood to do things slow and carefully it is a delight to use.
Thank you for all the lovely comments and the interest in the mouse. We wonder how many we have? Latest news is a half eaten bun, so now all bread safely in the cupboards. Then I discovered they have eaten flower seed packets in a kitchen drawer and chewed at a new packet of toilet rolls upstairs in the bathroom. Now he/she is getting naughty, very naughty. I now have a drawer of mice paper confetti. But it makes me smile, I can't get cross but I would love to know where my golden acorns are.


Pondside said...

Isn't it disconcerting to have computer problems? The computer adds such a lot to everyday life, but it isn't without bother!
As always, your drawings are a treat to enlarge and study.

Frances said...

Milly, sorry to hear about your ailing computer, and hoping that it will soon be restored to full health.

On the other hand, what an old little wind storm for you! Looks as if it brought you many gifts of the season, perfect inspiration for your beautiful work with that tiny sable brush.

I don't know if I would be so kind as you to a mouse in my home!


Carol Creech said...

Hi Milly,

Sorry to hear of your laptop troubles! Such a pain sometimes, computers. I am waiting to get mine back myself as it needed some major cleaning up.

Your painting is such eye candy for me! I just love when I see an update on your blog. :) It must have been fun to have all of those colorful and interesting bits blow into your path.

If you haven't been by to my blog lately, please stop in - I am doing my first giveaway of botanical note cards.

Take care!

martinealison said...

Ce que j'aperçois, me plaît beaucoup... Bonne continuation à vous dans votre maison douillette. Bisous

Dan said...

It certainly has been stormy of late. At least the wind has given you some beautiful subjects!
Hope the laptop can be mended. The mice made me chuckle. We had one in the kitchen once which I managed to catch in a humane trap. When I released it a few miles down the road I opened the top of the trap not more than a centimetre and it was gone! It's amazing the tiny gaps they can get through.

Susan Scheid (Raining Acorns) said...

Knock wood your computer will come back to health. Such a bother, but oh, have you used the time well! Such a joy to see your drawings today, and some from Megan yesterday, after such a long while. I felt a great sense of peace and well-being wash over me, just looking quietly at what you both have drawn.

irinasztukowski said...

Hi Milly!
Great collection of Nature Treasures.
Super job on painting it so precise so detailed.
Thank you,

Aleta Karstad said...

I just found your blog because you just commented on my husband Fred's "Quiet Curatorial Time", and I followed the link to your blog. I admire your drawings immensely! Such energy and sensitivity at the same time! I will be checking in often. Perhaps you would like to visit my blog

Aleta Karstad

Diana said...

gorgeous, Diana

wandering said...

Oh these are lovely.. You can almost feel the wind and the grey skies!
(We have a mouse too, a field mouse. Tiny. It visits when the children have gome to bed, looking for crumbs. Can't get myself to put down any poison..;-)

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love the golden autumn leaves and glossy haws Milly. Hope that your computer 'gets well soon'. Lesley

Acornmoon said...

I feel that you must have nearly filled that lovely book by now? What a treasure it will be.

We had a mouse family living in our house, it became impossible, although they were very cute and made a nest out of hair from my hairbrush, shredded paper tissues, etc. the final straw came when they invaded the bread bin!

Lucille said...

Our mice have deserted us as suddenly as they arrived. I hope yours go away and your computer comes back!


I adore your berries and acorns and had a chuckle about your mouse story. I'd love to see a wee mouse pullover :o)

Beth Niquette said...

I hope your computer got better! I just LOVE your blog. Your writing is amazing, and your creativity is wonderful.