Sunday, 12 June 2011

Week 23

"The markings are grey and brown or near-black: they are variable, consisting of a mixture of specks, spots, streaks, blotches and scribbles scattered evenly the shell, or sometimes clustered more densely towards the larger end" is the description in, " The Observers Book of Birds' Eggs". " The ground colour varies from a creamy stone or buff to a more yellowish shade , and is occasionally suffused with a greenish tinge."
As I was drawing the egg in pencil I tried to record the patterns and shapes accurately. I think the book explained it beautifully as specks, spots, streaks, blotches and scribbles.  My painted egg shell  also shows the colour with a greenish tinge so  we are fairly certain it is the egg of an Oyster catcher.   Then  I selected five of the striped feathers also collected from the shore  last weekend.   I used my acrylic inks and a sable brush again.  It is a nice collection and makes a lovely page for week 23.
Today is wet and grey,  with the wind whistling through the house.  The tide has been up and  as it is such a wet afternoon I am glad to be sat by the fire,  yes a fire in June!   There is little or no view as the low mist hangs over the shore.   I just added the finishing touches to my feathers and photographed the page. 
It made me think about all the birds here in the estuary, each one starting their life as an egg.  It is hard to believe how this egg survived in a nest on the ground, with dangers of other birds, dogs, sheep, humans and the weather.  Of course the sea eventually washed this egg and left it in the tide line where it was found.  We hope it had hatched and survived.
 In the past we have stumbled  upon a nest,  usually in a slight hollow in the ground and there we would be delighted to see three or four eggs.  This is when you realise how those specks, spots, and blotches are so important as camouflage,  the eggs just disappear into the background with such clever colouring.  When we were younger,  we found many more than we do today.  Despite the dangers,  young chicks must survive as we have a  healthy population here. 
As the sun was shining,  I did my walk on Friday evening and  saw  many different birds, bird calls filled the air.   I collected a handful of feathers,  black and white ones from the Oyster catchers and lots of different duck feathers,  the striped Curlew feathers and long grey ones with black tips belonging to the gulls.
The feathers are evidence of the many birds which live and visit here.  Again I find it fascinating to think of how the birds fly with the aid of their feathers.  Each feather specially shaped to be part of  the intricately shaped  wing, each one beautifully coloured to make up patterns on the birds.  So when I find them I marvel at nature, so clever,  so perfect how it designs.
Hope you like my little design for week 23.
Thank you for the lovely comments,  I love to read them and appreciate you spending the time writing them.  So if you are visiting let me know.            Millyx      
ps. I have just opened an Etsy shop, I intend to put some little originals for sale soon.


Carol Creech said...

Beautiful paintings, Milly! I love reading about the egg. And so excited to hear that you have opened an Etsy shop! I can't wait to stop by :)

laurie said...

love your work,, I envy you your patience and dicipline,, I need to work on this and feel it would improve my work to do just that,, beauatiful,,

Swan Artworks said...

What a beautiful speckled egg shell, a brilliant find beautifully painted... it makes a lovely page and somehow makes perfect balance with your previous page - the skull in one marking a life cycle completed, and then the eggshell in the other marking a new one begun!
Lovely bit of uncontrived visual poetry all by the chance of the finding!
Carrie... :)

Chloe said...

Beautiful work :)

gill said...

Gorgeous Milly!
You are so talented! I love seeing your drawings and reading about your walks

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

So glad I found your blog - it's wonderful to see kindred spirits and artists who have a place to journal so we can see their wonderful art. Inspires me not only to continue but to do so with absolute integrity and enthusiasm. Love the video too

Diana said...

gorgeous Milly, such wonderful detail, I couldn't tell the real from the painting. Diana

suz said...

What a beautiful composition. The eggs and feathers seem so fragile. Again, thank you for sharing.

Claire said...

Dear Milly,absolutely wonderful drawings as usual and your lovely findings,Your etsy looks really great ;I'm curious about beginning my own one - is it user friendly and viable ect?

Mary said...

I'm thrilled you have opened an Etsy shop Eileen - now more lucky people will be able to own your beautiful artwork. I so love my folder of cards - have it displayed in my bedroom and will never share them, I love them too much! I will however purchase more later to give as gifts - I have some special friends I know would love to have your work.

Meanwhile dear, hope by now the weather has improved and you are out walking and discovering more of Nature's beauties in sunshine and warmth. These latest paintings are lovely - and of course I enjoyed this walk as always.

Happy weekend -
Hugs, Mary

P.S. I was thrilled to hear Delila's exam results, weren't you?

Aqeela said...

Beautiful blog post again Milly! Looking forward to seeing more prints in the etsy shop, do you ever do flowers?
Aqeela xx

wandering said...

Those eggs are stunning, aren't they. Such fantastic camouflage. Beautifully caught..