Monday, 11 July 2011

Week 27

Here is my week 27 page.   It is a strange mix of objects all found on the shore line yesterday.   We went down for our walk about 8pm.  It was a cool evening and the light was  poor. The sky was heavy with large white Cumulus clouds, all swelling and somehow filling the sky, blocking both the light and the view.  The place had an unusual atmosphere,  helped by a red hue of the long grass and a  stillness.   We walked along and as usual followed the fresh tide line,   I don't know what causes it,  but the sea had left brown frothy foamy over a foot deep in some places,  and large pieces of it were scattered about.   There were lots of little shrimps, tiny crabs and feathers stuck in or around the tide line and just a few small pieces of sea weed to be found.   I instantly stopped in my tracks when I saw the sycamore seeds and I had to have them to draw.   Then,  so many different leaves, fresh yellow and acid green trapped in the sandy foam line.   The colours were so bright in this dull light.  I collected many lovely feathers, lots of striped ones, my favourites.  I found just one black mermaids purse, it has been a while since I have seen any, and I picked up a single tiny pink shell.
It has been a week of mixed weather, hot sticky days and then on Thursday a heavy thunderstorm with thunder and lightning.  We have had really heavy rain showers and a strong breeze so it explains how the leaves and seeds could have ended up on the shore. 
We heard a real squabble going on in the sky above us as a black headed gull chased a  Heron, as  they both shouted back at each other.  The swifts and swallows were skimming the water and as usual and the ducks were swimming  near to where they always congregate.  We could see the railway workers getting ready for another weekend on our bridge.  As we walked back through the long grass I picked two pieces of the  coloured stems, which are making the whole shore appear  as a red drift.  I don't ever think I have seen this before.  The evening sky was mostly hidden by the clouds, but as the sun set,   thin  bands of red peeped through.  The huge billowing white clouds sank lower into the gaps between the hills.  The clouds dominated the sky,  no stars tonight but the sound of the railway men and their bright lights  on the line as they work through the night to finish our bridge.
My page contains some of  my finds from yesterday.  I used acrylic inks and a fine paintbrush. 
I set the task of choosing the giveaway with my husband,  he put all 21 names on a ticket,  put the names in a hat, and with eyes closed chose    .........Michelle Palmer.   She will get the little painting of the two feathers.  Thank you for all the comments and kind wishes, I am feeling better.
Hope you like the page and seeing the real objects.                                          Millyx  


Frances said...

Milly, I really like the combination that you've collected this week, and also your description of your walk and how the atmosphere seemed quite different.

And you really let me see those squabbling birds overhead!

What you have decided to include in your sketchbook make a wonderful composition. Lots of pointy specimens, a bit different from the more usual fluid, curvy gifts from the sea.

The colors you have chosen are so subtly beautiful. This sketchbook of yours is going to be a true collector's item, in more ways than one.


Pondside said...

I'm glad to read that you are feeling better. I love the bits of colour in this one - the gold and the faint pink - but then, I always like a teeny bit of colour in everything.

Lynn said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better.
Congratulations to Michelle!
Your new painting is beautiful - as they all are.

acornmoon said...

I know that Michelle will be delighted, congratulations!

suz said...

Again, another lovely page. The sycamore seeds are so pretty. You also paint a beautiful picture of your walk in your blog - I almost feel like I'm walking with you. I hope the swan will be okay.
I'm also delighted Michelle won. She's another artist I really love.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way of keeping a nature sketchbook. Wonderfully done.

Carol Creech said...

Beautiful! Love those leaves. Another wonderful page.

Melody said...

I always enjoy your art.... and your words make me long to revisit England. *sigh. :))))) I love the little hints of pink in the grass and the seed pods!

Michelle Palmer said...

My heart skipped a beat! Thank you for your sweetness~ so thrilled!
Hope your walks find your pockets filled with wonderful goodies~

Susan Scheid said...

Always wonderful to see what you're up to!

wandering said...

What a beautiful page.. Love the grass! I was looking at all the differetn grasses growing in our allotment the other day (loads!!. Had a go at drawing them too which was llumnatng: t really made me look properly..

shirley said...

Your writing is very descriptive, and makes me feel as though I am the person walking along the shore. You are a very talented writer.