Monday 5 September 2011

Week 35

Week 35 and what a wet grey day to venture onto the shore for my walk.  It rained and rained, all day it rained and as the tide came in it rained even harder!  I could see how wet everywhere was and I felt like it was even too wet for me. Then at around 6 pm it stopped, quick as a flash I changed into my old shoes and waterproof jacket and grabbed the camera, a banana and some chocolate and braved the day.  It was so wet, everywhere I walked the ground was waterlogged and I was slopping around in mud.    I followed the bank up towards the boulders, splashing my way through puddles and jumping over water streaming back into the tidal river.   I had a little chat to a villager walking with his two dogs and he said this was the second time they had all got soaked.  There was no view of the hills,  a blanket of low clouds covered everything, it didn't feel too friendly and I knew I would not stay longer than I needed to.  The tideline was way back on the grassy shore.  On Wednesday I photographed the high tide, it was just a few feet short of reaching the gate through to the railway station.  I thought it might have washed up something interesting and indeed a large jelly fish was caught between  chunks of the collapsed banking. It was upturned and about fifteen inches across.  Not a subject to draw but one to photograph.  The sea had also washed up larger pieces of seaweed,  red,  green, yellow, black and brown.  The colours were so bright in the greyness of the day.  I collected several different pieces,  and would have loved to have recorded them all.  The feathers were wet and not in the best condition,  yet I still chose a few.  I found some strange hairy objects, must draw one and find out what they are, rather like a sea urchin.   I found a black mermaids purse which looked really fresh.  With more than enough in my collecting bag,  very wet feet and realising it had started to rain again I happily headed home.  Two men arrived at the gate just behind me, so I held the gate open for them.  You go first he said.  No, I answered,  the bare foot wonders first.   He smiled and said, do you mean the bare foot barmies.   They really were running in bare feet,  that is another story,  a regular sight here as people take a course in it.   We were all on the shore,   all doing things for different reasons,  one of us to collect things to draw,  some to walk the dogs and others running in bare feet,  but I have no doubt  we all got wet  feet!

My page for week 35 is this lovely big piece of yellowy green seaweed.  It was so fascinating with all the little branches, which  I could imagine  all waving and moving under the sea.  I drew it lifesize and just managed to fit it onto the double page.  I used three colours of the acrylic inks, Sepia, Sap Green and yellow ochre. I mixed the inks together and painted it with a number 3 sable brush.  I recorded a few of the shades in the corner of the page.  As the hours went by painting, I watched the wet seaweed dry and change colour and darken to green shades, much different from the original yellowy colours which I tried to capture.
High tide on Wednesday.

The jelly fish

More erosion of the shore

Saturday, no view, hidden by low clouds

Compare with last week to see the hidden view.
Hope you enjoy my week 35 seaweed.  The nights are getting darker, it is hard to photograph my drawings as the light is so poor.  Thank you for the lovely comments, always love to read them.    Millyx


Dan said...

Gorgeous picture Milly, I love the muted colours you've captured! I got totally distracted by the hare fabric at the side - fantastic!
I haven't seen barefoot runners before, though I've seen the trainers with little toes that simulate the effect of running barefoot.

Windsongs and Wordhoards said...

Wonderful! You've really got that rubbery, shiny, seaweedy quality just right... feels like I could pick it up off the page!
Good for you braving the weather and it made me smile that you took chocolate... a constant supply of good 70% or 80% dark chocolate is the one thing that keeps me going these days! The only thing is that the children have developed a taste for it and keep finding my hiding places - surely children aren't supposed to like heavy, bitter dark chocolate, are they! :)

Pondside said...

I love this week's drawing - so elegant. You make me look at the tide line near here with different eyes.
I've noticed that you are writing more and more about your observations and I enjoy it a lot. So many gifts you have!

Frances said...

Good evening Milly. Week 35 has got your beautiful drawing and painting stretching so gracefully across the full spread of of your sketchbook.

I love seeing your pencil drawing and then finding out how your subtle painting and inks bring the line drawing into a third dimension.

Wonderful that you did brave the soggy weather to see what the tide had delivered. Treasures!

Best wishes. xo

Pomona said...

You took me right to the beach with your words! I love your drawing of the seaweed - you have captured it perfectly, and a lovely way of capturing your outing in your memory, too. I thought of your drawings when I was in the V&A yesterday looking at their botanical illustrations - I love the effect of something from nature so beautifully and accurately executed on a plain white background which seems to bring it into such sharp relief.

Pomona x

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

I agree, I was right there with you - even shuddering with the jellyfish ... I love the artwork too, all your artwork is so captivating. Thought of what you do while out on my walk today - if I didn't have the course work I would be doing the same as you! You are very inspiring.

Posie said...

Lovely photos Milly, I bet running in bare feet on the beach could be fun, but terribly cold on such a miserable day.

Diana said...

This is gorgeous Milly, the colors and graceful way you captured this is lovely. You see the beauty in it and show that in your work. love it, Take care, Diana

Marilyn & Jeff said...

I have been lurking in the background, following your posts, for quite some time. I am in awe of your art, and your photos.

A Brush with Color said...

Your work is so delicate and lovely. I ordered some of your cards on etsy and I think I'll frame some of them. I'm thrilled to have them!

suz said...

Another beautiful painting! You take something so ordinary and make it magical. I love taking walks with you along your beach... at least that's how I feel. I'm glad you made sure to carry the essentials with you, specially the chocolate!

Melody said...

I like the seaweed; I too picture it's elegance when swaying underwater in it's proper environment. :)

Scary jelly fish...brrrr

and not to get off topic, but I LOVE your Hare fabric!! Awesome!!

Mary said...

I love when you share how you mix your colors and which brushes you use - takes me back to my years working in a commercial art/illustration/advertising studio long before computers took over much of the design and illustration. I used to watch the board artists using watercolors, gouache, pastels, pen and ink etc..............and wished I was one of them rather than the studio manager/secretary!

Another beautiful walk - glad you didn't take the jellyfish home in case it was a stinger!

Hugs - Mary

Avery Hill said...

Your work is exquisite. Absolutely amazing! I admire my mom's giveaway win from you...