Monday, 30 January 2012

Yesterday we woke to a white frosty world.  The views were amazing and it was a day not to be missed, so off we went for a walk.  It was a chance for me to try out my new camera, a surprise Christmas gift from my husband.  So all the photographs today are taken by me, as I take you along with us on our uphill route. A chance for me to share more of the views of my village as we take the footpaths through the fields.
It is a steep hill and we are heading to the top of the brown hill in the distance

You can see the snow on the top of Scafell, the Lakeland hills.
Next through the old stone stile

By this time I am puffing and panting as we have reached the old stile, realising how far we have come and looking up to where we are going.
The white building on the right is the village school, we came through the field next to it.
We are walking to the top of the brown hill, something white is just showing from behind the hill.
We leave the fields and walk up the lane with high banks and hedges. I found the rosehips and snail shell along here and I carried them with me for the rest of my journey.

You can see the estuary and the snake like tidal river where I did my walk for my shore  project.

 We are now on the Moors and the brown hill covered in the rusty coloured dead bracken. It is here that the Slate is quarried, evidence of the stone is everywhere in the village, especially the stone walls and buildings.  It was actually on the television this week,  as Michael Portillo arrived by train to our village and visited the quarry last year.

The quarry workings,  just across from where I am standing.
I needed a rest by now,  a time to catch my breath and eat my snacks and take in the views.  Then the steep path to our destination, the mystery objects behind the hill.
They look small.

THEY ARE HUGE.  The red speck is my husband.
It was worth the walk for the views down to the estuary and the open sea. We can see for miles.
And right on top of the moor in the heather we found the little oak leaf in my picture.  It took us one and a half  hours to reach the wind mill, there are twelve of them on this piece of moor.   This is a place we used to came to as children,  run and play in the bracken,  picnic, paddle in the clear waters in the streams and enjoy the views.  We followed the river as it too made its way back down to sea level.
Down the muddy cart track and through the gate and home down the steep country lane.  We called for a cup of tea on the way down, and later arrived home tired and hungry.  We had walked from our home at sea level to around 800 ft,  all uphill.  It was a beautiful day but chilly on the moors with  puddles of water iced over,  so it felt lovely to arrive home to a cosy fire.
So here is my little picture from the day.  Rose hips reflecting the time of year as they are frosted and blackened and split with the cold.  The little oak leaf that had blown on to the moor and the pale snail shell found on the lane and to finish a piece of blue pottery found in the mud.

Hope you enjoyed the walk and my picture.   And I was pleased with my first photographs with my new camera. Thank you for your comments.                                          Millyx


jyothisethu said...

nice journey and beautiful photographs...


Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Seems a great camera Milly but you also have a good eye - I really like the picture with the dry stone wall and tree in the background ... very nice. Love the painting on the header of your blog - seems you have change the format slightly, is nice to read ... lovely project this week xx

Mystica said...

Your drawings are exquisite!

Pondside said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
I have a rather significant birthday approaching, and my gift is to be a trip to the UK in September. I want to walk and I hope that I will find walks such as the one you've shown today. It's every Canadian's idea of real British ramble.

Kay said...

thanks for taking me on your walk, it was lovely as is your painting..x

Feathers said...

Quite a different walk this time. Loved seeing a different part of your countryside this time. It's always fun to see what piece of pottery you find--I'm wondering, is all the pottery you find in blue and white? Do you ever find different colors? Your camera works well for you- what kind is it?

Frances said...

Milly, you live in a truly beautiful place. Thank you very much for showing us more of this incredible landscape as you and your husband took that extensive winter's walk. It seems as if you and the new camera are fine companions, too!

The resulting painting is quite marvelous, with each treasure presented with sensitive skill. You continue to provide very interesting compositions, with ingredients that yield a feast for our eyes.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful place to walk! And as always, your artwork is gorgeous. I click on each one to see it up close. How I wish I could pop over to watch you paint - inspiring!
Happy day to you, Milly!

Melody said...

Ahhhhh, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that walk... *happy sigh*
It is just so pretty there ~ such a different landscape than what I am accustomed to here.
I can't wait to see more of your "neighborhood" in posts to come? :)) (fingers crossed)
I almost forgot, ha ha, your art is lovely too! :))) As you can probably guess by now; the pottery chip is my favorite bit! :)

Mary said...

I too am enjoying seeing more of the vast landscape around your home dear. Bob and I got the map out just last week to look more closely for your village - then checked Wikipedia and found it all very interesting.

Glad you are still finding treasures to draw even though it looks so cold there - those snowy hills, brrrr! Lovely items on this page.

Stay warm - mind the slippery bits!
Hugs - Mary

Raggle Taggle Gypsy Girl said...

Really exquisite images, such fine work.......

suz said...

What a lovely area you live in. Your photos are wonderful and I love the drawing memorializing the day.

Diana said...

Beautiful journey and your art is lovely, thank you for taking me on your walk, love,Diana

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Milly,

How wonderful to have a new camera! And your words and pictures were so lovely; I felt as if I were there with you (minus the physical exertion, of course).

Your work is always beautiful.



Swan Artworks said...

Fantastic! A lovely painting, nice to see the little signiture piece of china... I very much enjoyed your photos of your walk, the kind of walk I would like to do, especially the ancient sunken lanes and trackways through the hedgerows...

(p.s. the word verification is 'mutterly' and I thought it was such a brilliant word I'd share it!)

wandering said...

I enjoyed that walk! Makes me want to go out straight away, even if it is only into suburban parkland..


Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Oh how I do love this part of the country. Your photos are really lovely with lots of details to pick up. So much to inspire new work.Sorry not been by for a while, so busy!

Claire said...

wonderful walk and drawing,I love the china-reminds me of my childhood when I used to find bits in my mums garden.
Hope it gets warmer soon !!

Tammie said...

oh yes, i enjoyed your walk, thank you for sharing in images and words.
your art is lovely, as always.