Thursday, 13 September 2012

MY Drawings from Nature

I was asked the other day why I blog.
 The answer was easy,  I started blogging to share my art work.   I feel very lucky to live in a beautiful place and it is the countryside and the natural surroundings which inspire me to draw.  As a teacher it was my job to teach and my own enthusiasm was something that motivated the children in our art lessons.  I often meet children I taught and it is always the art work they talk about, memories of lessons drawing fresh fish or making paper or  printing,  enjoyable art lessons that left a memory.   To be a teacher was to pass on skills and encourage others to use their own skills and talents.   I share my art work  on this  blog to do just that and from the lovely comments I am often told I have inspired others to draw.
I am happy to hear this.
BUT,   I am feeling very unhappy about the way other people feel they have a right to take my artwork.   I have seen lots of my drawings on Pinterest......none of it with any requests or permission from me.  One person asked me if she could use it,  I did give her permission but also asked her to take one or two,  my work is here to view.   She then chose not to use any.
I do get requests.   I  have been asked if it would be possible to use a piece of  my work to print on a shirt, (from someone who already taken  it as their facebook header),  several requests for a body tattoo.   Someone wanted it for a business card and company logo, once for  wedding stationary and I could go on...... For free,  mention a payment and all goes quiet.  I could go on.
One person who took my Fritillary drawing and put it on her pinterest, she did add a link back to here,  but did not bother to ask.   When I found her and went to her blog,  a textile student,  it was very interesting to read  "her work was not to used or taken or used " etc  by anyone,  which was written under every post.   I think that is called double standards,  use other peoples work but nobody touch mine.
Well this is MY drawing.  All of MY work which I spend a lot of time drawing,  it is here to inspire and not to be used freely,  not to be copied.
I think the word inspired is misunderstood by many people,  they should have written I copied this.
I do not have adverts on this blog,  nor do I  earn money by people visiting this blog.  BUT  I am rather fed up of other sites  using MY  name "Drawingsfromnatureblog"  as a means of directing and generating traffic  and income to their sites.
For all the lovely people all over the world who visit my blog to see my drawings and share a love of nature, here is my latest drawing.   I have made some wonderful friends over the years and  have enjoyed being inspired by the many kind people and friendship and support.  I have comments and emails from school children  who enjoy my drawings and adults  who appreciate seeing  where I live and photographs of this beautiful area.  It is lovely to know it gives pleasure to others by sharing my drawings.
Last weekend we walked on a local beach a few miles from us.  It was a misty day and feeling cooler.  I walked along the tide line and of course had to collect some feathers.  A huge dragonfly flew past and I hoped we might find one.  The little rock outcrop is where we walked to, from here we could look into the estuary to our village in the distance, the slate quarry and moors.
I collected some feathers and shells and seaweed.  The fine sand was blowing and  I was glad I had sunglasses to protect my eyes.
The wind blowing the sand across the shore

 Plenty of sand here. And lots of treasures of feathers and sea weeds and shells and china.
We saw several woolly caterpillars.
And then, it went very cloudy, very dark. Time to leave.
We managed to get home just as it started to rain and rain and rain, lots of that lately.
The pencil drawing of the feather was a gulls feather I found on the sand .  The four eggs were painted with my acrylic inks and a fine sable brush, which I spend many hours carefully  painting.  Hope you like them and enjoyed the beach walk.                                      Millyx


Frances said...

Milly, as always, these new drawings and paintings are lovely. I also liked the photos from you shoreline walk, and knew that if I had seen that sky suddenly grow so dark, I would also have wanted to rush back home!

Now, on to the problem of folks who take what is not theirs to take. It depresses and distresses me that human nature can have this dark side. I guess that it has always been true, but how I do wish that generous sharing of one's art could be more respected.

Please do keep taking those walks, taking those grand photos, and then getting out the pencils, pens, inks, brushes and paints.


Melody said...

I'm sorry to read of your difficulties with your beautiful art being "borrowed" without permission... I think that many people just feel that if it's on the WWW, then it's fair game to use it as they wish.
I remember being a bit shocked to find my photo of a little clay rabbit i made as someone's profile picture on FaceBook...
I am glad that you share your art, your walks and stories; I enjoy every post and being transported to my favorite far away place for a moment...
The eggs are delightful ~ do you know what bird they are from?

Lynn said...

So sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with people not respecting your art work as your own. Disturbing too, to hear how people want to use your images, but shirk when a price is mentioned: the perennial problem of people not fully understanding or valuing art.

Your new painting of the eggs is particularly stunning. I'm thankful that you've chosen to share your art with us in this way.

(And the photos of your walk make me wish I lived closer to the sea!)

Hindustanka said...

The copyright issue you raised here is a very common among people who share their works in virtual world. You know it is just so easy to copy and paste something from the internet, including the piece of art we create. You have to create a copyright to all your works, they are really unique and I do understand how much labor it takes to make all these drawings with all of their details. Don't be frustrated anyway. I like to see your drawings, they feel magical to me. Cheers!

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Dear Milly
I love your blog.
I love your drawings and your photos.
I feel very strongly about the use of photos and artwork without permission. People seem to think if you put it on the internet it's there for the taking.
So difficult for photographers and artists who need to promote their work - whether on a website, on Facebook, blogs, Flickr ... we should have the ability to post our images and artwork for people to enjoy ... without having them stolen - it is theft to take something without permission.
If they wish to use them in some way it should be widely known that an image cannot be taken without permission, without linking to the owner and hopefully with some reimbursement whether credit to the originator or a fee.
I have just seen a major Facebook page closed down because they used images and had 75,000 subscribers - finally enough photographers reported them and their accounts were suspended due to usage violation.
I hope in time the respect of copyright and ownership becomes more highlighted.
Pinterest certainly has a lot to answer for as they put the responsibility on the original pinner - I don't think users realise they could be sued for copyright infringement when they 'pin' images off blogs, web pages etc. Maybe in time there will be stronger laws and more awareness. This is a good link - much subject matter here on how to find if your images have been taken and used.

Jenni said...

Beautiful as the eggs and the wonderful always have such lovely finds. I understand your dismay re people taking your work and reproducing without permission, especially when you say so on your blog. I have read on some blogs where people write a note to please not Pin.. and hopefully that would be respected. jenni

Sarah Morrish said...

Here, here Milly ! So agree with you re people using images etc. You have inspired me to go to the coast, so this afternoon off to explore the shore of Pagham Harbour :)

Delila said...

it makes me sad too Eileen, if people use your art without your permission. why do not they want to pay for them, this is your work of art... it truly puzzles me.

those egg's are absolutely beautiful!!!


p.s. i have been meaning to write that i am moving probably on next month in UK, Surrey! I got an apprentice placement in Nymans garden. you can probably hear my heart fluttering from joy and excitement.

SpinningDownUnder said...

I have enjoyed following your blog for a while now and this item upset me, as its becoming more and more common. The copyright issue is a major concern. Not just for being pinned, but for "inspiring" would-be artists who think its OK to copy someone else's work and claim it as their own. I don't know what the answer is as it will be copied even if you watermark your work and clever graphics programs can remove the watermarks anyway.
Its an educational problem; there are whole generations of people thinking its OK to take what they want without asking or paying for it, or thinking about whether they are harming anyone; and its OK being rude to someone who points out that its a copyright matter and needs to be taken down from their blog or website.
There are tricks to stop things being pinned - Katherine Tyrrell of gives clear instructions on how to do it - do a search of her blog for Pinterest and see how she got them to jump and prevents her images from being pinned. It also tells how to find out what has been pinned. You can also do a search on google now using the URL of your image to see who has pirated your work.
Sorry for the long comment - I hope its of some use. I've had my own work pirated and ended up making it Creative Commons, but then it did not involve artwork,but text; it still hurt the first time I discovered it. Good luck, and I hope you are successful in discouraging people from taking your work and using it as their own!

acornmoon said...

I can well understand your anger Millie, especially when people feel free to use your work on their own websites. Pinterest is a new invention and I think people are gradually getting used to linking back. One of my images has been altered, a book jacket cover has been changed, my name, my art, joke title. Now that is annoying. Somebody wrote to me and said that it was like trying to stop p--s in a swimming pool! It might be worth adding a copyright notice to each image?

I love your egg drawing, especially the muted colours. I hope you are not deterred by thoughtless people.

David P. Allen said...

Milly, I just wanted to add a note of support concerning your plight with the pirating of your artwork. I am a professional singer-songwriter and I feel very strongly about work that I have done being stolen or used without permission. Our pastor spoke this morning about "righteous anger" how there is a time and a place for it. When someone claims something for their own that God has gifted to you then I believe you have the right to say something. To have some righteous anger. Not to hate the thief but to speak out against the deed. Thank you for the beautiful images of a part of the world I dream of seeing some day. Leslie

Barbra Joan said...

Hi Milly, I've just found your blog and what a joy.! Your drawings and paintings of nature are beautiful. I've bookmarked you so I can come back and enjoy the rest of it..
As to the taking of your work, it never ceases to amaze me how bold people can be to take someone elses' hard work and claim it as their own.. This is not the first time I've heard of this.
I'm a watercolorist , and belong to several copyright free sites that have wonderful photos..
Just this past week I have been concerned about someone from
another country that spent a very long time on and off my blog via Feedjit and when I checked to see what they'd looked at , every one was a large flower watercolor that I'd painted..It started me to wondering if they had just taken about 20 of my paintings off my site. We have no protection against this and it's a real shame..
Looking forward to seeing you work ... regards BJ

suz said...

How sad that people assume what is yours is theirs! I have decided not to get involved in Pinterest for precisely this reason. I have a folder on my computer of photos I've copied from various places, but it's purely for my own pleasure. I might like the overall shape, the color combination, or I just like looking at it. Then, when I'm sketching something, I'll search for "wall" and find photos of walls - it gives me some ideas of directions on how to go forward. My sketches are for my own pleasure and never see the light of day beyond my sewing room. I think I'd be embarassed to ask someone to use their work without any notion of payment. Good grief!
Well, I truly appreciate that you share your work with us and hopefully something will be developed to prevent this kind of foolishness.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Milly - I am so terribly sorry that there have been folks that have taken advantage of your wonderful generosity in sharing. I should have guessed you were a teacher because your desire to show and tell comes across. Please don't stop because you do truly inspire me. I love nature and your drawings speak always to my heart. Take care y friend and have a good week.

Feathers said...

Dear Milly, I've enjoyed your blog for so long, and hope copyright theft does not cause you to stop. Your posts, along with your photos and artwork are always so enjoyable and fascinating to see.
Hopefully, you'll be able to find a way to stop the thievery. I'd like to think that most is done by people who just don't know any better and need to be educated.

Kim Henkel said...

Your work continually inspires me to create my own work. Thank you for sharing, and I hope you continue to in the future.
I understand the problem, but can not understand how people can do it (take someone else's work for their own - or use it without payment or credit to the creator). It saddens me, as I believe in trusting people... perhaps too much I guess.

RH Carpenter said...

As always, visiting your blog and the recent post was like a nice walk with a friend, picking up this and that, knowing you'd turn flotsam into jewels :) Truly, you are an inspiration and I say, "Curses!" to those who want want want what you have without offering anything in return (and, of course, they are the ones who would be on the rooftops shouting if anyone pilfered their work without asking!!). Just know that they are building bad karma and it will eventually catch up to them. I hope you continue to post and share - for me, your work is so lovely, lyrical, and admirable.

Sarah Melling said...

What a timely post! I posted just last month about a website that had taken one of my drawings and used it on their website. And they had hideously colored my pencil drawing! And the worst part?...they're a design firm touting their creativity!! AS I explain in my post, they eventually removed it, but it took some doing.

I have had others ask to use things free: I will occasionally allow it IF I get a credit line, and they're non-profits. But another company paid me to use a drawing on a wine label. It amazes me that people think our work is up for grabs!

As for Pinterest, pinners are supposed to link back to you, which works fine for me IF someone doesn't take it from there. But not everyone links back correctly. I've started only putting lo-res images online, so that at least they're not printable.

On a happy note, the feathers and eggs are exquisite...what kind of eggs are they?

Pondside said...

Milly, another lovely drawing! It has been some time now that I've been enjoying your drawing and writing - in the CL competition, in your blog and in CL Magazine. I have no good suggestions regarding the unauthorised use of your work - it is too, too bad that it happens. The double standard is probably the most difficult thing to understand!

Michelle Palmer said...

I would have never had the pleasure of meeting you had you not started a blog~ the waters between us are a little wide and deep :)
Your artwork brings my heart joy and I'm so very thankful for every little peek into your world. Your walks, the treasures you gather~ and your illustrations... your creative heart shines in each one!
I cannot keep up with those that steal my art. If one more person tells me it is a form of flattery I just might tell them what I think of their opinions.
Thank you, Sweet Friend for keeping on! I would miss all that you share~
Hugs to you!

Kay said...

the using of images is a sore daughter has had real issues with people stealing her pictures, text and ideas from her website and blog and at our shop our pictures of wedding flowers and other lovely shop images have also been stolen..if you use picasa then you can write a watermark over your photos which we now do with every picture we blog. also pin interest should now put an automatic link onto were the picture has come from...don't stop posting your lovely art work it is so beautiful..xx kay

I'm Shelley said...

I actually appreciate this post. I was looking for some pictures of shells to print and put in a frame and found your blog. Your drawings are lovely and I'm definitely coming back to look; but I'll keep searching for one to print-maybe from the graphicsfairy. Happy drawing :)

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