Sunday, 25 November 2012

Colours of Autumn.

It has gone cold here.  The day started with a frosty morning and I have been happy to stay indoors and finish my drawing of the little branches that I collected from the garden.  The birds have eaten many of the berries but there are still many hanks left.  As I selected the branch it was the three coloured leaves which caught my eye, three leaves in three colours, green, orange and yellow.  A  lovely example of Autumn colour and how nature loves to surprise.
  I decided to record this branch and the berries. So I sketched them in pencil
And then I thought for a change I would use acrylic paints. I squeezed some brown, yellow, red, and green onto my saucer.  It felt strange using the thick acrylic paint after using the inks.
 I started with the leaves,
                                         and then the browns on the branches,
Then the red berries, as I carefully painted the red making sure the paint is put on and leaving the white paper for the shine. Then the little branch of cotoneaster added to the page, such tiny leaves and the red berries that the birds love. And we are finished.
I hope you enjoyed seeing the work in progress, and the finished drawing is here.

 Give away Winners. Thank you for the 24 comments , including the four emails and you were all entered into the give away. All names folded and placed in a bowl.

I asked my husband to pick the winner from the names in the bowl.  The winner was ALISSA DUKE who will receive the copy of the drawing and goody bag.  Two others will also receive a folder of my artcards, they are Gill and R H Carpenter, also drawn out by my husband.  Please can you leave me a postal address and I will post them to you.
Thank you all, it was really nice to read all your comments, and useful to hear your thoughts.          Millyx
The photographs were taken after dark, sorry for the quality, it is dark at 4pm.


Pondside said...

Such a beautiful picture of fall as it is around here - much like it is where you are, I suppose. We were out at the shore today and I photographed berries and leaves - so I enjoyed seeing such things interpreted by you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work as always :)

Gill said...

Many thanks Milly! and congratulations to the other lucky winners! I am emailing you now!

Sharon Whitley said...

wonderful drawings Milly - I love the colours of autumn - and congrats to the very lucky winners too! What a lovely gift

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Milly - these are so beautiful. Your eye for detail is superb. I like the look of the acrylic paint. Stay warm my friend - it is cold here now as well. Have a good week. Wanted to say to the blessed winners congratulations - I am sure they will enjoy your lovely art.

Claire said...

Lovely as usual Milly, I really love the yellow ,green and red leaves;like a rainbow. I'm sad to see autumn go this year.

Ruthie Redden said...

Delicious Autumn colours, it is always my most favorite season for the colours above all else. Oh how i wish i could get to grips with my acrylic paint Milly, but I think you have inspired me to have another try.

Frances said...

Milly, I am so glad to have my laptop restored to better health, and to be able to see this lovely post.

I would also have been inspired by that trio of colored leaves. Could nature have left the branch just for you? However it was that you spotted it, the results in your drawing and painting are a great tribute. Isn't it fun to find the difference feel of paint, after working with pen and acrylic ink?

I saw a wonderful Matisse exhibit at the Met today and will be sure to return for more visits. It focuses on a few images over the years and shows how M. Matisse altered his original views of subjects (models, still lifes, landscapes) to arrive that the versions that truly satisfied him.

You would love this exhibit...I will try to find out if it will be traveling across the Pond.


black bear cabin said... sorry i missed your giveaway! i love your work...its so inspiring! :) thanks for sharing!

alissaduke said...

It was a wonderful suprise to see my name as winner. I have been away for a week and not had regular internet access. It has made my week !I will email my deails , and continue to enjoy your drawings

Diana said...

Milly they are so very graceful and beautiful. Lovely!!! I enjoy seeing your work and reading about it. love to you,Diana

Acornmoon said...

Those bright red berries are very festive, your paints capture them so beautifully.

Kim Henkel Creations said...

What a beautiful creation! Thanks for sharing the steps along your way. Your picks from the natural world are always so very beautiful. Lovely work again!

Hindustanka said...

the all three colors on one branch is a nature's peculiarity indeed!you've done the drawing very nicely:)