Monday, 31 December 2012

The End of the Year

The last day of the year.   It has been a high tide and a blustery day,  as I watched the estuary quickly  fill up with the  rough sea water.  The angry looking sky threatened rain but instead the clouds lifted and the hills glowed a red orange colour for a brief moment and then once again the heavy clouds sank low and the hills are gone from our view.   Looking out  from my window I like the way it highlights the shapes of the twisted branches and the dried seed heads against the pink sky.   Little sparrows fly in and out of these woven stems and I can quietly watch them from inside my living room.
I picked some of the seed heads to put in the drawing.  The bare trees, branches, plants  and hedgerows all  have this same skeletal feel.  It is what happens every year, the end of the cycle and  the seeds for a new year have been scattered.
The drawing is done with a black fine line pen and a paint brush and sepia ink .

As the new year approaches we look back and we look forward.  I have been looking back at my year and thinking,   I have been eagerly awaiting the new year and planning.  Having this blog and sharing my drawings has been such a wonderfully rewarding  part of my life,   by reading the lovely comments and knowing how much pleasure my drawings can give to other people.                        
Now I would like to have a published book of my work, a permanent record and another way for other people to share and enjoy my art work.   I have been thinking this could be my new year project.
Of course I do not  know how this is going to happen yet,  but I have the feeling that this is the next logical phase of drawings from nature.   Anyone with any  ideas or suggestions or experience or contacts, please feel free to comment, as I would be grateful  for any help or input on this subject of agents and publishers.
 The little sparrows play all day outside the window, singing and catching  insects and sometimes just resting and admiring the view.  In a couple of months in the springtime they will be building their nests  using bits of these dried plants.  I love watching them each day as they fly in and out of this adventure playground and chase each other around the garden.  So that just leaves me to send you all my best wishes for a
"Happy and Healthy and Creative  New Year"   to you all.                      Millyx


Gill said...

I think a published book would be a fantastic idea but sadly I have no idea how to go about it but I'm sure others will!
Happy New Year!

JD58 said...

Just wanted to say I love the idea of a book of your drawings and your thoughts and musings on life in your beautiful corner of our country. I would buy it!! I can just imagine it published on beautiful thick creamy paper adorned with your lovely drawings.

Anonymous said...

My Mum self published a couple of printed versions of her textile artist books with Blurb. This can be quite pricey though so they were only very small print runs. They do have a print on demand type service I think though, where people can purchase books directly through them :)

I'd love to do something book like myself but other than the way mentioned above, am not quite sure how to go about it... A book of your work (and words too!) would be lovely :)

Happy New Year! :)

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Milly - I always enjoy your posts and I think your drawings definitely deserve to be published for others to enjoy. Not only how you draw and what you choose but how you write about these lovely things you do needs more people to see and read them. I know you will see your dream come true - will look up and say a little prayer that it will for you. Happy New Year - I am looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work in the new year.

Pondside said...

A very Happy New Year to you too! I wish you all the best for 2013 and hope that your dream of a book of drawings will come true. I can't help with publishers or contacts, but I will be on the list for a first edition!

Mary said...

Lovely post Eileen - love the pics of the sparrows and the winter brush with seed heads.

What a fabulous idea to publish a book of your beautiful illustrations - I agree it's something you MUST do, and a great project for this new year. I'm not familiar with British publishers but I'm certain there will be helpful advice from many people over there. Perhaps someone at UK Country Living mag. can assist - didn't they publish an article on you and your work some time back? They seem like a nice group and the Editor, Susy Smith, has been there a long time so perhaps you know her!

Here's to the New Year - wishing you many blessings and looking forward to more posts showing your amazing talent. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Nature dear.

Hugs - Mary & Bob

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Happy New Year Milly ..
I always enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing what 2013 brings ... lots of art hopefully :)
Best wishes and enjoy x

Melody said...

I think a book is a WONDERFUL idea! (though I've no advice on how to make it happen...)How wonderful to see your drawings all bound together in book!
Nice to see a little bit of pottery in this drawing, I do love the pottery... :))))
Sending wishes for a healthy, happy and successful 2013!

Sarah Morrish said...

A lovely post again Milly and a happy new year to you !

Claire Ward has mentioned 'Blurb' before regarding books. I had a quick look the other day and it seems quite a dynamic and affordable way of self-publishing. You can even produce a book from blog postings !


Frances said...

Milly, this is indeed a very chilly time, and so I'm glad that you've been viewing beautiful nature from the warmer side of your window.

Your description of the colored clouds and the disappearing mountain really did allow me to see that change take place.

The linear tangle of branches where your pretty birds shelter definitely provides excellent inspiration for your latest ink drawing, with the sepia giving a perfect deepening accent. Absolutely lovely!

Of course, your drawings and paintings (and essays describing your walks, too) will make a wonderful book. Or perhaps even better, a quartet to honor each season that you observe so well. I wish that I did know of an agent. Perhaps the gallery that exhibited your paintings would be able to help you connect with this broader audience that your work so richly deserves! It would also seem natural (!) to think of an accompanying diary or calendar. Oh, Milly, you know I am a great admirer of your artisty!

I'm also wondering if perhaps the next time you are around London, you might visit Kew and make note of all the publishers whose books are on display in the excellent shop.

Meanwhile, a most Happy New Year to you. It's such a continuing joy to visit hereabouts. xo

JD58 said...

Happy New Year, would love to see a book full of your drawings. Can't wait! Xxxx

Lyn said...

I think a book of your work would be great!
I love sparrows they are such happy and sociable bird!

Carol Creech said...

Dear Milly,

Happy New Year! And what a lovely, lovely drawing. I so enjoy ink and brush like you do. I think a book of your drawings, etc., would be wonderful! What a fun project to be planning. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to following along! Thanks for stopping by my page, too :)

Diana said...

I think a book of your art and words both would be great. I love your walks too. Your art is to you,Diana

JP said...

I think the book would be brilliant - like I still love my copy of the Edwardian Lady's diary - all the best for the New year and I look forward to reading this lovely blog

Bonnie K said...

I really like your work. I blog hopped over. I think you should persue creating a book. Life is short. You will never know until you try.