Sunday, 17 March 2013

Signs of Spring

I call this my gallery,  lots of different artwork leans against the window and stays there until I sort it out and file it. I painted some different objects on the brown card with my new gouache paints and the magpie moth on the little gift bag.  I have a  little painting of  this moth which I did possibly ten years ago,  it was used by me to made  lots of little cards with moving wings.  Here are nine of them together.  And the drawing at the top is from my walk on the shore, which was about two weeks ago on a lovely sunny day.
It was a fine day and although the sun was shining it was still bitterly cold.  We ventured across the shore to a favourite little island.  It takes about one hour to reach it, crossing gullies and pools of water and jumping over the many ditches across our path on the way.  I noticed all the oak leaves in the bottom of the pools, all in different shades of brown to black, blackened by the salty sea water.   I found several feathers and pieces of broken seaweed and some mermaids purses.
  When we arrived at the little island I found some pale blue shells, bleached with the sun and weather,  in the summer they are a deeper blue.  Sometimes this place is littered with them and little crabs and other smaller pink shells which look so pretty against the soft bleached sand.  I walked around, looking, taking it all in and felt how beautiful this place is.   So still and quiet, miles of empty sandy beaches across the estuary and a vast sky and the backdrop of the hills surrounding the flatness of the estuary.  I never want to leave,  it always makes me feel so calm and peaceful, so grateful to be here and surrounded with nature.  It saddens me to find evidence of the wild fowlers shooting the ducks. On the way back I like poking around amongst the tideline to see what has washed up on our shores. The wire fences are decorated with tangled  seaweeds, shredded plastic, long strings and grasses, twisted  and woven and hanging from the squared wire pattern of the fence.
Just as we were nearly home, we were lucky enough to witness three Red Kites circling above us. They are in the area but we usually only see an odd one, so this was a great sighting.
  At home I sorted through my finds and chose the dark oak leaf, a black mermaids purse and a sycamore seed and the small leaf  peeled from the sand.  They reflect the time of year, aged and textured and their dark weathered colours.  I used acrylic inks and a fine brush.  It felt like it was finished when I added the red berry.
In contrast it seems Spring is now making a big effort in my garden.  I was doing a little gardening yesterday as the sun shone and I was delighted to see the bulbs appearing and some flowering.  My beautiful Snakehead Fritillary are flowering, seems very early to see this first clump with buds,( see my blog header). I can see more drawings of them, they must be my favourite flower.
Daffodils and snowdrops and cowslips in the grass, at the bottom of my garden.

Crocus and the green leaves of the bluebells showing.
And at this time of the year the village churchyard is so lovely, a carpet of blue crocus and snowdrops, the first daffodils all signal Spring is nearly here,  although we still have snow on the hill tops.
Hope it feels like it is on the way for you too. Thank you for the lovely comments.        Millyx
(All my ipad photographs except the churchyard with my camera.)                                          


Bonnie K said...

Looks like you had plenty to keep you busy. I love the flower photos. I have too much snow to even be hopeful.

Frances said...

Millie, I like your ink quintet so very much. Yes, that red berry just completes the composition perfectly.

Aren't these final days of calendar winter odd? I am now so impatient for spring to really get here. We actually had some more light snow yesterday.

I enjoyed reading about your foot journey to the island, and the way that you expressed the beauty to be found there. Such natural beauty! It's rather wonderful to hear about this from you, who are such a sensitive observer. And then, to see those kites!


Pondside said...

I am so happy to see the signs of spring here, too. The smallest daffodils are blooming, and one early Azalea, near the house is full. Another couple of weeks and there will be pink here and there in the garden.
The way you describe your feelings as you look at the bits and pieces of shell in the sand really spoke to me - and for me. Lovely.

Hindustanka said...

Hi, Milly!
I'm always delighted to read your blog and see your drawings. Yes, it seems like spring has come at your place. Here we have about +25 in day time already, and it's very pleasant weather these days.
Have a nice week ahead!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Milly - as always so beautiful... I never tire of seeing your drawings. You are a gal after my own heart because I love all those natural things one finds on their walks. Just one thing please send me some of that spring you are seems like we are not seeing too much of it yet. (LOL) Take care and God Bless.

Melody said...

Love the fluttery little butterflies! It always amazes me that you can make decaying leaves look pretty! :))) It would appear that spring is more springy over there...we have more snowyness creeping in on us tonight... but I'm sure it will get here eventually! :))))

suz said...

Your drawing is lovely and it's so nice to spring flowers in someone's yard - all I have is 14 inches of snow, which is a sad way to celebrate the first day of Spring!

Willow said...

Milly I was having my morning cuppa when your comment came through, Thankyou. Of course I meandered over to see what was going on this week in your world ...lovely. I enjoyed the little walk through the emerging Spring flowers. I am fascinated with your beautiful textured art and the stories behind it ,always interesting to hear where others artful inspiration for certain things start. I will definitely have to stop by more often and I am off to explore some of your back post now as you have me wanting to see more.

Mary said...

I've been absent Eileen and beg forgiveness in lack of comments. The month away in Antarctica - a beautiful place but impossible to stay connected with family and friends with such slow/no connection at times - meant blogging was on hold! I'm now catching up somewhat but life has been busy this past month at the house and with the family.

Today I have time to look back at all the beautiful art you have shared this year - and my, is it ever lovely! Now Spring has arrived and the gardens are starting to add color - I know you must be planning walks to the shore and will bring back even more treasure to draw and paint - looking forward to seeing it all.

Have a wonderful Spring season, happy Easter and know we think of you often in your lovely corner of my beloved England.

Hugs Mary (and Bob)

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you for the beautiful Spring visit~ always inspiring... always wonderful!

Aqeela said...

Your right, the red berry makes the final piece look perfect, its so beautifully and interestingly drawn out by you.
Aqeela xx