Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Wishes

Happy Christmas to everyone, my little postcard to wish you all a big thank you for all your lovely comments and for stopping by at Drawings from Nature to read my posts. I am sitting cosy by the fire, lights twinkling and fireplace decorated with all my favourite cards and postcards collected from art galleries on holidays.
We have a windy evening and hail showers outside.  Today we went for a walk and I collected some ivy and red berries and greenery to add to the  fireplace.

 I have been busy,  now finding time to reflect on how quickly the days fly by when I am occupied with a project that takes up all my thinking time as I plan and focus on all I need to do to complete the task. The  task was a  patchwork quilt and I did manage to successfully finish it.  So as promised I am sharing it with you.
I suddenly feel very pleased with myself  looking back at my photographs.  I had a really busy few weeks as I decided to make it for a birthday present and had not much time before the date.   I used Liberty fabrics and cut out triangles from the slippery fabric, the first hint that this was going to be quite a challenge.  As I have been collecting  different  Liberty patterns for  several years  my stash of fabrics gave me lots of choice.   It was to be a  present for my god daughters 21st birthday.  She is studying at London and loves the Liberty Shop.
So after cutting the piles of triangles I started by sewing two  together.  Then joined the twos  into  rows, and finally the rows  together for the quilt.  It was a time consuming job, every triangle needed pinning to match the seams,  and again to match the rows,  as you have to be so accurate with triangles.  It took over the bedroom floor !  My hare pincushion was put to good use.
I really enjoyed making it, looking at all the beautiful patterns, colours and details of the Liberty fabrics. Little by little it soon started to take form, pinning, sewing and ironing and arranging the shapes.  A busy three days, the last leg of backing and hand stitching the binding suddenly gave it the finishing touches and I was delighted how it turned out.   I made a little Happy Birthday  panel to record the date to sew on the back of the quilt  and a card with the blue fabric.  I imagined her surprise when she opened the present.
My gift was well received,  a box of  beautiful flowers arrived as a huge thank you, with a message to say she will treasure it.

It has been my own birthday,  I had my birthday in sunshine and by the sea, as we went on a winter break  to Malta.  It was lovely to feel the warm sunshine, sit outside and enjoy the views.  We did have some stormy weather and rain showers but who cares.  Some walks took us through orange trees, with  lemon and pomegranate  orchards. I collected some objects to draw that I will share again.  I bought some sepia ink and a note book from a little shop selling pens and paper, products made in Rome.   I look forward to experimenting and writing with the sepia ink.
A  little Christmas Postcard to wish you all,   "Happy Christmas", using the ivy leaf and red berries I  found on a walk. I photographed my wrist warmers, mossy green hand knits to wear as I draw and the warm wool cabled head band I wearing in my last post, as some of you wanted to see.

 I have also managed to finished a sock, hopefully the second soon so I can wear them,  I have been really enjoying knitting in the long evenings and it is easier on my eyes than drawing.  I have plans for more sewing and knitting, maybe another quilt.
So for now I will leave you with my Good Wishes for a peaceful Christmas.                  Millyx


andamento said...

Wow, what a beautiful quilt and gift. It sounds like your God daughter appreciates it though.

I like the photo of your fireplace, it looks warm and inviting.

Feathers said...

Lovely card, some of your favorite things! Also, Happy Birthday, although a little late. What a great get-away to Malta to soak up a little sunshine. Will look forward to coming paintings of your new gathered items. With your knitting, quilting, and all, I wonder where you find the time to paint! :-) Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas! Do finish that other sock so all ten of your toes can be warm (smile)

Mayte clay said...

Patchwork quilt is so nice, when i was in London , i visited Liberty Shop and i like very much.
Your card with the drawing is fantastic.
Greetings from Spain.

Anonymous said...

Belated Birthday wishes and Merry Christmas Milly! The quilt is beautiful :)

Melody said...

I love the little postcard~
Your wrist warmers look snuggly, nothing worse than drafts creeping up your sleeves!
The quilt is beautiful, and the colors are perfect! What a lucky girl she is!
Sending wishes for a lovely and cozy Christmas~ Melody :))

Carol Creech said...

Merry Christmas to you, Milly! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. And belated Happy Birthday as well! Your trip to Malta sounds like it was very refreshing. The quilt is beautiful! What a treasure for your goddaughter. Wishes for a peaceful holiday season and a creative new year!

suz said...

The postcard is lovely - fitting for the season. I love the colors in your quilt - it came together wonderfully.

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Christmas

Kay said...

Happy Christmas to you too! Such a fabulous talent you have..xx

Claire said...

Beautiful gifts Milly, have a wonderful Christmas and new year. xxxx

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Milly - Your drawing is superb and your quilt is fabulous. I can't imagine all the intricate work that went into this project. Your friend must have loved it. Also Happy Birthday late - sounds like it was lovely.
Wishing you and your loved ones the most wonderful Christmas season - enjoy friend and I will be looking forward to seeing you in the New Year - may it be blessed as well.

acornmoon said...

What a very beautiful post Milly. I also love Liberty, your exquisite quilt will be treasured for generations.
I wish you a belated Happy Birthday and send all my best wishes for 2014. x

Michelle Palmer said...

Beautiful stitches and beautiful Christmas post card greeting! Wishing you a joy-filled New Year, Milly <3

Mary said...

Eileen dear - I read this lovely post and enjoyed seeing your Christmas decor but realize now I didn't leave a comment before the hullabaloo of the holidays took over!
Belated birthday wishes dear - glad you were able to get away.

Hoping the coming new year brings you good health and much happiness each day. Bob joins me in sending happy New Year greetings.
Hugs - Mary

Frances said...

Milly, I wish you both a belated Happy Birthday and Happy Christmas!

I imagine that your trip to Malta must have been a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, and perhaps find all sorts of natural beauty to draw, photograph or study and appreciate. Isn't Malta also known for fine knitting?

And now let me compliment you on your lovely red and green's a real beauty and definitely carries the season's spirit.

The triangle patchwork quilt is a masterpiece. Using those Liberty fabrics makes it luxurious, but it's your color combinations and careful, patient stitching that really made this quilt such a treasure. Of course, the recipient must have been so, so happy.

I am looking forward to seeing what you will be creating in 2014, that soon to arrive Happy New Year. xo

laura said...

You are amazing! I can't imagine making a quilt--and it turned out beautifully. Also love your gauntlets and headband; I'm a (beginner) knitter and really enjoy cabling: great results.
Happy (Belated) Birthday to a fellow December birthday girl.