Friday, 7 February 2014

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers
How beautiful it is to see all the snowdrops in my garden. I picked a few yesterday and this morning when I got up and walked into the kitchen I had such a lovely surprise to see them in the window. The sun was streaming in and catching the water in the little glass I had just placed them in yesterday. Little shadows cast across the wall of the snowdrop shapes.
(all photographed on my iPad)
It made me really notice them. I then wandered into the garden and the sunlight was coming through the trees, the sky is so blue and I walked down the little path and looked across at the view towards the hills.
The bare branches of the ash tree where the birds love to meet. This morning two doves sat close together on a branch looking at the views too.
Snowdrops appear magically from the dead leaves and cold ground, so simple and delicate, so white and pure.
How much pleasure they give.
I am always so glad I plant spring bulbs, I love watching them grow and appear. They seem quite early as it is mild. I even have some fritillary leaves growing so soon.
Soon my own will be flowering the same as this little pot I bought. Do you like my homemade wreaths I made with twisting all the ivy and clematis vine that I cut when tidying the garden last autumn.
Snowdrops by the stone wall, slate from the quarry in the village. The wall is probably over a hundred years old, the same age as the house.
I have had many visitors to my blog, looking at all of my drawings, hope you enjoyed seeing them all and found them inspiring.
The white feather does not belong to me, but all other images are mine. And are all copyright of Eileen Postlethwaite.
As always thank you for the lovely comments you leave , I do enjoy reading them all. I am busy and will share with you what I have been doing soon. So in the meantime a whole gallery to look at.
I am going for a walk to enjoy the sunshine and blue sky while it lasts. Hope you are all enjoying some sunshine too. Millyx


Melody said...

Hard to believe you have snowdrops blooming, when my gardens are hidden under many inches of snow still!
We have bright blue skies today as well, though it's not all that warm here.
Lovely stone wall, and little glimpses of green~ thanks for sharing! :)))))

Anonymous said...

I love snowdrops :)

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Milly - I am so ready for spring and your post today is just what was needed. We have snow and ice and more cold and more snow on the way. Your snowdrops are so welcome...can't wait to see mine start to bloom also (may be a while yet). Hope you have a lovely week end. Anxious to see what you have been busy doing. Take care!

RH Carpenter said...

We are still encased in ice and snow here - so it was wonderful to see this essence of springtime :) and always a pleasure to see your art work.

Frances said...

Milly, I agree with you about what a cheering message the appearance of snowdrops brings us. Your spritely blossoms in the glass by the window are so lovely! That bright blue sky is also very lovely!

You've been wise to plant those snowdrops along your garden path. I would probably want to take that walk many times a day during this time of the year just for the pleasure to the view on the ground and that vista apparent at the end of the path. Wow!

Your handmade wreath is charming...just a touch of rustic reclamation in the hands of an artist.

Over here in NYC we are still being promised more snow about every three days. And so we might have the delight of about an hours of beautiful fresh snow falling and decorating the tree branches and highlighting various architectural details. Then the snowplows and sidewalk shovels come out, and within a day much of that initial beauty has vanished, and we just have to be careful of the icy leftover patches as we venture outdoors for our daily needs.

I think your garden walkway is much more beautiful!

Thank you also for the collection of you beautiful drawings and paintings into virtual galleries. I will be returning here for a lingering view.


JP said...

I just love the shadows photo

Sarah Melling said...

That photo of the snowdrops and their shadow is exquisite, as is the one by the stone wall. Such an elegant expression of the coming of spring.

Pondside said...

I hope your walk was a beautiful one!
We are in the midst of quite a snowfall this evening, as I write. It's late in the season, so I'm not impressed. There were snowdrops a week or two ago, but they are surely hiding right now.

suz said...

thank you for the lovely photos of the snowdrops. It was 1 degree here in New Hampshire this morning (with a windchill factor of -7!) and a large snowstorm is predicted for Thursday and another for Sunday. I really need spring this year. A friend just came back from a business trip to London and mentioned she had seen snowdrops there too! I decided to pick up daffodils this weekend because my soul really needs signs of spring!

Karyn Borkowski said...

Your work is amazing and an inspiration to me! I have recently started drawing and love to draw nature. I did find one of your pictures on Pinterest. I did not pin it since it is your wish not to be on Pinterest. I believe there is a way to remove your work from Pinterest, I'm just not sure how. If it wasn't for Pinterest I never would have been able to view your lovely work!