Thursday, 20 March 2014

A New Bag


I have not been able to draw yet, but I still can sew. I watched sewing bee on iplayer last Saturday and I thought, make something. So off I went to the fabric stash and I decided to make a bag. So with an idea in my head and my sewing machine that can do all the work of my eyes, I was off again, being creative.

I had carved my little hare and made my own rubber stamp last Easter. I printed it onto linen when I made my pincushions. I tried it on this fabric, it made the hare look like it was really there, sitting amongst the undergrowth. So I chose to make my bag out of this fabric and use the printed piece for the front pocket. The other pretty fabric for the lining and trim.

The finished bag. I am very pleased with it.

A lovely green mother of pearl button which I bought a few years ago whilst on holiday at Madeira. I bought brown, blue, green, and shimmering grey ones. I love haberdashery stores and as lots of people sew in Madeira they seem to have lots. At Funchal, they have some beautiful old fashioned shops selling everything for someone like me to feast my eyes on. I could not resist the buttons.

I had a little walk one day in the sunshine and saw that the primroses are growing in the hedgerows, they evoke so many memories. I saw a ladybird, a bit fat bumble bee and then a yellow butterfly. It was a great tonic for me to take a walk as I have not being feeling too well, suffering with dizziness and my balance. I picked the primroses from my own garden. My snakehead fritillaries are really growing, the first ones are in flower and I have lots of bright cheerful daffodils out at the bottom of my garden. The birds are singing as I write this. Seems Spring is here early.

It looks like I may have started a little patchwork. I cannot bear to throw even the tiniest piece of fabric away. I was supposed to be tidying the mess i had made after the bag! Then I was thinking maybe I could use it for a patchwork and before I knew it I was cutting out the two and a half inch squares from the bag scraps, then finding left over bits from other projects. One thing just leads to another.

I will finish here as I cannot use the computer for long. Thank you for the kind messages. Hopefully back to drawing soon. Hope you enjoyed seeing my bag and maybe even a little patchwork to show you next time. Millyx





Gill said...

Your bag is gorgeous Eileen!
I love the hare - they are one of my favourite animals!

Maywyn Studio said...

The hare is perfect. The shell button is a nice touch of nature's jewelry. Fantastic work.
Hope you are feeling better soon. Good thoughts your way

Frances said...

Milly, it's grand to have this new post from you. I do hope that your vision will continue to improve and the dizziness will diminish.

Meanwhile, what a lovely bag you have created...a true one of a kind, with the stamped hare a perfect touch. That button is such an interesting color...think that I would love to see those haberdashery shops you visited.

You are wise to use those bits of fabric for the start of a quilt. What a wonderful selection of color and pattern! I've not used one of those rotary cutters...might have to look into getting one, when I find time to put my knitting needles down.

Best wishes ...enjoy those beautiful flowers. xo

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Milly - what a lovely creative endeavor. I am so sorry to hear you have not been feeling well...hoping your eyes are improving and soon you will be back at your drawing board. Thank you for the lovely bouquet of in need of them because our spring is very late this year. Take care and have a wonderful day friend.

Claire said...

Love the hares Milly, hope you feel better soon and get back to drawing xx

Jacqui Galloway said...

Love the bag.

acornmoon said...

Hope you are back on form soon Milly. Your sewing projects are lovely. I think "The Sewing Bee" inspires us all.

Melody said...

Sending all the very BEST wishes that you are feeling top notch again REALLY, REALLY soon, ~ Like NOW even! :)))
I love your new bag, and the hare, and the button too! The shops filled with goodies to admire sound wonderful!
Happy Spring to you~

Anonymous said...

What a lovely bag! I'm so sorry to hear you've not been feeling too well, I hope you feel better soon! x

Diana said...

Love the bunny and the bag and your quilt to be. Hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs to you Milly,Diana

Hindustanka said...

Hi Milly! I must have missed your previous posts... I suppose you had some health problem, but I wish you a speedy recovery!Take care!
meanwhile you created such a lovely bag! So tender and so spring-like! :) Have a nice day!

Kim Henkel said...

What a divine bag Milly! I love seeing your beautiful hare stamp used on it as well. Nice to see that you are able to create, and it sounds like you will be back to drawing soon, so hopefully that means that the surgery went well. Would love to see what happens with all those beautiful squares of fabric!

JP said...

glad to hear you are doing so well - enjoy the spring weather the hare looks amazing on that material - take care