Friday, 25 April 2014

Happy to be drawing again.

It feels so exciting to be drawing again.
The week after my eye surgery we walked along the beach. I knew it was impossible for me to draw then but I wandered along and collected shells and pebbles, seaweed and mermaids purses and hoped it would not be too long.
It is so true, you often only miss things when they are gone. I missed my drawing, the days were missing something. I felt like I should be doing something and I have filled my time with other creative projects, but it has always been such a big part of me and I needed to draw.
So I started very slow and feeling nervous knowing my vision was so different. I chose a box of crayons as I knew they were an easier option than using a paint brush. I could just sharpen the crayons and have instant colour, hold the pencil and have more control. My eye and hand coordination was something I knew I had to really work at and concentrate to regain my skill at drawing.
My new sketchbook was like a new beginning and I began with the objects from that day by the sea. The tide had left a wiggly line of sea treasures on the clean smooth sand. Slowly following that line of objects still wet and freshly delivered by the sea. I remember collecting the pretty shells and slipping them into my pocket, they made me smile and cheered me up. If I am honest I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. Then I saw a mermaids purse. I felt that surge of excitement, a big swollen beautiful mermaids purse in perfect condition. It was black and glossy and smooth and it was mine for the taking. I would keep it until my eyes were able to draw again.

Then I discovered others and ended up bringing a whole collection home. It could wait, it would have to wait and I knew I could as patience is definitely one of my better qualities. It was a moment of clarity, to understand, to know How much my drawing means to me.
Eventually, Little pockets of time, half an hour when I could, an hour if my eyes felt strong enough. I enjoyed using the crayons and it was a good choice for me. I then worked with a black ink pen for the mermaids purse and realised my limitations. It was really hard to try and focus on the details. It was completed over about a week, a little at a time with weak eyes and a shaky hand.

I was so excited to complete the page of my new sketchbook. I so wanted to try using my acrylic inks and last week I started the next page. I used the dip in pen and very slowly built up the shells and then a paintbrush for the seaweed. It hasn't been easy but I have just worked away slowly, as and when I felt I could.
I was so pleased to complete this today. Two mussel shells, a blue and white shell and the twisted piece of seaweeds. It feels like an enormous achievement and I am so grateful that I can draw again. My eyes have changed, confirmed by my eye test yesterday. Next week I will have my new glasses and It is to be full steam ahead, I am going to make up for lost time.
Here is the view of my open book, it measures 33 inches wide , A3 but in landscape format. I am thinking of all those lovely objects and treasures on the shore and at the beaches. I plan to fill my new book with my finds. Wait until you see what I have been waiting to draw, a starfish and colourful leg I think belonged to a lobster. I have never found a starfish before on our beaches so I am really excited to draw it. Now I need to tidy up the messy table and turn the page ready. Hope you enjoyed seeing my drawings.
Looking forward to more beautiful sunny days, loving hearing the birds singing and seeing all the spring blossom. I have walked into my garden most days and just taken the time to enjoy the colours of the flowers.
All photographs taken in my garden, by me with my iPad.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the flowers and spring has arrived where you are too.

We have had some beautiful weather and such lovely days. I will leave you with a sunset from this week, taken from my bedroom window. Thank you for your lovely comments, I am hoping to get back to regular blogging. So hope you will come and visit. Millyx


Gill said...

Great to see you're feeling better- fabulous drawings as ever!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work as always Milly, I'm very glad to hear that you've been able to start drawing again :) x

Sarah Morrish said...

So lovely to see you back drawing and painting again Milly

acornmoon said...

Congratulations Milly, I can't tell you how pleased I am for you.

Your drawings are a joy, not just for yourself but for all the many people like who admire your skills.

Bravo Milly XXX

JP said...

so thrilled you are back to drawing again - and you have not lost your touch at all - take care

Julie Clay Illustration said...

So pleased to see you painting/drawing again, they are beautiful. I love the blues you have captured, lovely illustrations. Your snakesheads are gorgeous, such a fab carpet of them. I saw lots of wild cowslips and primrose recently, walking near a limestone quarry in the Peak District (nr Eyam) it was wonderful.:)

Tammie Lee said...


so glad to hear that your eyes are healing and getting stronger.

your drawings and your photos are quite lovely. Such a joy to see your creations and your beautiful flowers.

lovely spring to you!

Jacqui Galloway said...

Seeing everything with new eyes. Love your drawings.

Claire said...

I'm so happy to see you painting again,lots to catch up on! xxxxxx

AnaGF said...

I'm glad to know you are getting better - your drawings are as lovely as always!

Mary said...

We are so happy to hear you are recovering from the surgery dear…..looks like you are well on your way to drawing all the beautiful objects of nature you find along your walks.

Lovely garden pics too - spring has definitely brought so many colors back into our lives - thank you Mother Nature!

Take care, don't overdo things, greg having you back and know you're feeling so much better now.

Hugs - Mary & Bob

laura said...

Lovely, sensitive drawings ... I look forward to seeing what you fill the sketchbooks.
(And, it's okay to feel sorry for yourself, imho; I think it's hard to expect people to suffer difficulties and not feel sorry for themselves! They'd feel sorry for others, so why not show yourself some of the same compassion? I struggled with this last year when I was ill and hospitalized ... But it's moot: as you're on your way back!)

Debbie Nolan said...

Dearest Milly - I have missed your drawings dear and it is so wonderful to see them once again. You are so talented and I realize that we do often take things for granted such as blessings that make our lives richer. I know your drawings make mine very rich when I get to visit. Your sunset was breathtaking too as well as all your beautiful flowers. So glad you are on the mend. Have a great week.

suz said...

so, so happy you are able to draw again! With this change in your vision, you'll bring new and exciting things to your art. Thank you for sharing your work, it's really lovely. Thank you also for sharing where you live - the flowers are beautiful and the sunset is wonderful.

Christine Haywood said...

Your drawings are beautiful and very inspiring. Your story reminds me of how very much we take our eyes for granted. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

So nice to meet you Milly. I found your lovely blog while visiting Debbie, and so happy I did. I will follow along.
Your artwork is beautiful!

Kim Henkel said...

Oh what beautiful pencil and dip pen drawings - and how wonderful that you are able to do your beautiful drawings once again. To not be able to do those things that we so enjoy is so difficult, but then again we appreciate them so much more when we are once again able to do them. I love seeing your new sketchbook, and look forward to seeing more pages when you are able to fill them.

Pondside said...

It's been lovely to have a catch up on your posts Milly! I was off-line for some time and not reading blogs, so I missed your eye surgery. I am so glad to read that you are recovering your precious eye sight!
I loved seeing your patchwork quilt, and the squares printed with your own rubber stamp. I love the fabric you've created!