Sunday, 28 September 2014

Blackberry Time

The hedgerows are full of blackberries, it has been such a good year for these lovely fruits. We went for a long walk and I took the chance to gather some before it is too late because they are ripening and will soon be past their best. They really do taste so delicious.

A pretty butterfly sitting in the sunshine.


They were not the only berries to be growing along the hedgerows. It is also time for all my favourite red berries. Guess what I am busy drawing.


Look at the glossy blackberries.

The wild rosehips.

And perhaps my true favourites are the Hawthorne berries hanging so delicate from the branches.

Maybe the last of the Lords and Ladies, don't worry Because I have been busy capturing some in my zig zag book. This fallen one came home with me.

While I collected blackberries and took photographs someone kindly carried my bag with drinks and snacks and my iPad. He patiently waited for me as I stopped every two minutes.

And even helped pick some blackberries.

As we walk higher we stopped for a rest and to look down at the village and the shore.

I love this view and the memories from my childhood days. We would climb this gate into the field and run down the steep hill and scream as we ran so fast and couldn't stop until we crashed into the gate at the bottom of the hill. It always makes me smile when I remember those days. Sometimes it was full of cows and calves and they would chase after us and make us run even faster.


I love the seedheads of the cow parsley, another favourite subject to draw.

You can see the Lakeland hills over the stone wall looking to the North.

The views of the quarry, where the stone is being reclaimed by nature, wild flowers and self seeded trees and bushes grow on the old waste stone tipped into large mounds forming this landscape on the edge of the moors.

The sky starts to look dark and we head for home.

Plenty of blackberries.

And my other objects collected along the way.

I made some jam, a great success. It really tastes lovely on toast.

And an apple and blackberry cake.

A pretty jar of my jam I gave for a present. A handmade gift with my printed tag and A little card with my drawing of a basket of blackberries I did some years ago.

And this week I enjoyed recording a pencil drawing of a blackberry.

And I was really pleased with this delicate painting in my square book of a single blackberry. I used my acrylic inks and a very fine paint brush.

We have been so lucky with fine sunny days and a very warm September. Plenty of walks and so much inspiration along the hedgerows.


On our way home we go past the cows in the field. Through the old kissing gate and along the cart track leads up to where we have just been, with the moors high above.

Thank you for your comments which I always enjoy reading. I will leave you with this lovely sky I captured last night. Back to my red berries which I am drawing in my square book. I will share with you next time. Hope you enjoyed the walk and seeing what I have been doing. Millyx




HollyM said...

Oh the pictures of the blackberries make me nostalgic. We don't seem to get them here but had tons where we used to live.
We have rose hips which seem to be rounder than your variety.

suz said...

what a lovely area you live in. The only way I get blackberries is by going to the store or planning a trip to a farm - I'd love to be able to pick them as I walked along a pretty path like that! Thank you for sharing your wonderful part of the world.

Mary said...

Everything looks and sounds so perfect. The English countryside can't be improved on when one loves moors, pastures, hedgerows and the seascapes beyond. My Devon childhood was like this too - down at the other end from where you are of course!

Lovely pics Eileen, and look at that fabulous bag with your hare - LOVE it!

I'm making blackberry and apple crumble today - sadly though the berries are not local and are from the grocery store, pretty, but definitely don't have the intense wild flavor of yours.

Happy week - glad you're painting again.
Any news from Delila by chance?
Hugs - Mary

Frances said...

Oh Milly, I have had a wonderful time going on this walk with you all. Yes, those hedgerows are full of treatures!

The views are spectaular, and once again, I am awed by the realization that you've only got those cows, butterflies and birds sharing the beauty with you. It's that sort of realization that feeds my country dreams.

Your latest drawings of the berries are so beautiful! I love the single berry in your "square book." It's a gem.

Thank you also for your kind comment over at my place. I do love September...almost gone now.


Debbie Nolan said...

Milly - you went and did it - you made me hungry for some of that delicious Blackberry Jam. Our berries were spent in August. Yours must come later. Loved the drawing of your lone berry. Your work is so delicate and intricate...beautiful. Glad you brought the other half along to enjoy your jaunt across the countryside. Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed my walk with you very much. Have a lovely week.

Gill said...

It's been such a good year for blackberries hasn't it?? we're having blackberry and apple crumble and custard for tea!
I wonder how much longer the wonderful weather will last? like you I'm making the most of it!!

Maggie Bissmire said...

We have been picking here (Pembrokeshire) since the middle of August. I have never seen such large berries, or such quantity - we are eating them for breakfast and for pudding daily and I have bottled and frozen gallons - assuming that next year's harvest may be poor. I think today's pick will be the last this year - they are going over and of course, you can't pick them after the end of September according to local folklore! I love your drawings and paintings - your blog has helped me focus where I want to go with my art - now the picking and preserving is over, I will get back to recording it all!

Feathers said...

The single blackberry you painted is exquisite,and lucky, lucky you to have been able to pick such a bowlfull, as to have been able to make jam and more! Blackberry time slipped past me this year, don't think they were plentiful here this summer(I would have noticed).Our grapes are finally ripening, however, and a friend and I are making plans for a day of picking and jelly making. Yum! Loved seeing the rose hips and other berries too, and the views along your walk were lovely. Glad your hubby doesn't mind you taking us along. :-)

Mayte clay said...

I have very much enjoyed your walks and your pictures.
In Northern Spain and other areas there are many blackberries in september, and i remember in my childhood going for wild blackberrying and then, my mother made delicious cakes ,tarts, etc.
Thank you for sharing.

Claire said...

Hi Milly, fantastic harvest of berries and delicious produce to eat and paint!!
I've just made some blackberry ink which I think you'd like to work with. It goes on paper a lovely carmine colour but after a while it turns a bluey grey like paynes grey I guess but still nice and fun to do!

Janice Kay Schaub said...

kissing gates, I love them. Do not see them here is USA miss my England very much

Melody said...

How wonderful that there is STILL a field where you ran across the field as a child...
I think you should have used blackberry juice to paint in your blackberry drawing! :))(would it work? Or would it mold?)
Glad I am able to comment today, so often lately, it won't let me! :((
Happy Autumn to you!
p.s. I love my tea towel!! :))))))