Thursday, 4 July 2019

Sunshine and flowers

Hello.  It is beautiful weather here and we  are enjoying being outside and  going for walks around the village. The verges and  hedgerows are full of wild flowers, it is so lovely to see so many wild flowers thriving in this changeable weather we have experienced over the last few months. It is hot and we are not used to it!   Then  it can turn so cool and oh dear, can it rain here in the English  Lake district!  So as it is now officially Summer,  it is lovely to have some sunshine.

eco printing with flowers from my garden  by Eileen Postlethwaite
I have been capturing colours with different flowers  from my garden.  I did this last year and experimented with different coloured flowers.  It was trial and error, as I sat and rubbed different flower heads and squeezed the colours to create an image.

Lace capped primula  on paper by Eileen Postlethwaite
 I tried whatever flowers were in my garden, some worked beautifully and others not so well. I used a pebble to roll across the flowers,  and I  become more aware of  what techniques worked.  How much  pressure to apply and more aware of the different types of  paper to use to  create a better image. First I used a watercolour paper then tried  other various papers, the best way is to just experiment and play to discover what you can use.

Now its time to try the process on fabric by Eileen Postlethwaite
    After a lot of  different coloured flowers and many skills learnt I  felt like I was capable of moving on to fabric and chose a cotton handkerchief which was new and unused.  I placed the cotton between two sheets of paper and decided to use a metal soup spoon to rub these delicate flower heads.

peeling back the top layer of paper was really exciting, by Eileen Postlethwaite
    It was a slow careful process as I rubbed a single flower at a time, sitting at the table. I had to be careful not to move or brush across the flower heads.  It actually took about four hours to complete but the moment I peeled back the paper was really exciting.  These were all done last summer so I had to try again this year.  I  decided to go bigger and not just small flowers but try the whole plant, so here we go.  A hammer was used to carefully bash the stalks and leaves and flowers, a small headed hammer and the same techniques.  It all takes time and patience to achieve a good result.  It is exciting to try diffrerent plants and discover what works well.  Have a go and see.

eco printing by Eileen Postlethwaite 
  I really love using nature for creative work. I have also been making natural dyes and  my own nature inks to draw with.  I am drawing with my home made inks and again it so exciting to discover colours using my own garden plants,  hedgerow  berries and seeds.

elderberry dyed fabric by Eileen Postlethwaite

The dyed fabrics will be made into something.  Do you remember my little miniature quilt from Elderberries? sadly it faded to a paler version, as many natural dyes do.  I  still enjoy dyeing and discovering colours and sewing them.  My lovely hare drawing on the pincushion,  watching me as I sew. 

using my own homemade inks to draw with by Eileen Postlethwaite
  I am using my own  homemade inks and have been working  on some new  drawings using only my new colours of  ink.   It  feels so me,  using my local colours,  from picking berries, making inks and  using them recording natural objects  I have found on my walks. In this fast world it is good to slow down and use a dip pen and  quietly work at my drawings,  slowly and carefully, no rush just take my time recording my found objects. 
 Can you imagine the feeling of  using your own inks to draw with?  Here I used my Elderberry, and Walnut made in 2016,  the sycamore is from an elderberry made back in 2015.  I am always  full of ideas and inspired by where I live.  When a peacock butterfly appears on your curtain one morning.

a visitor delighted us with her beauty on the living room curtain.  Eileen Postlethwaite
Last Friday evening we walked on  the shore and my daughter took this photograph just before the sun went down. I think it speaks for itself.  We have had such beautiful sunsets.  It is nice to share.  

photograph  by my daughter Jane Postlethwaite 30 June 2019 

I hope you enjoy seeing what I have been doing.  Let me know what your project is and if you have been creative, I would love to hear.  
Bye for now  Milly.x
Eileen Postlethwaite


Diana said...

Beautiful work you are so patient and creative Milly. I have been working on painting sunflowers as they are blooming here now. Love to you Milly, Diana

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Great to see you posting! You have been missed.
The prints are beautiful. Your patience is outstanding doing each one at a time.
Do you add a substance to your inks to make them permanent?
Your daughter Jane's photo is beautiful!

Sharon said...

Hi Milly,

I am SO happy to have you back blogging. I have followed you for a long time and have missed you!

RH Carpenter said...

Your posts always find me breathing more deeply, enjoying each little thing I see, and relaxing a bit - a visual meditation, in fact. I wondered about the staying power of the pressed flowers, inks, etc. Love the natural colors and muted beauty. Happy Summer!

feathers said...

I'm so glad to find you here again, have missed you over your long absence. Nice to know you are still being as creative as before. I'm looking forward to continuing reading about your new inks and printing techniques, which I may just try for myself too. Anita, from Michigan(across the big pond) :-)

feathers said...

Hi Milly, I'm so happy to find you here again after such a long absence. I've missed reading about your walks, finds, new creative explorations, etc. I'm glad to find that you're still keeping busy with inks, and drawing with them now, as well as the new printing with flowers you've been doing. I may try that myself. Things here in Michigan (across the big pond) are very much the same, enjoying summer weather now that it is finally here.-Anita.

MILLY said...

Thank you Anita and Sharon for your comments ......nice to know I have been missed!
As time has passed I have many things to share here on my blog. Hope all is well across the pond. lovely to hear from both of you. Millyx

feathers said...

Hi Milly, I hope the lack of blogging is due to you being busy with your life, and creating more. Our autumn is beginning, Walnuts have fallen, and lots of mushrooms sprouting up, and the goldenrod is in full bloom. Acorns have been falling, welcome snacks for the local deer and the squirrels. We've had much cooler weather lately, to everyone's delight, though I really do dread the weather to come shortly. Lots of work to do before the really cold weather arrives. I'm watching for Goldenrod galls for a new drawing to add to my collection of galls, which have become a new interest for me this summer. Hope to hear from you soon.

Unknown said...

Hi there, have just received one of your beautiful ladybird cards from your sister Diane. It is beautiful! You are an exceptionally talented lady! And you have a warm, loving sister who loves you.