A glimpse of My  Original hand drawings produced for  peony and sage fabrics

I loved making  some lavender cushions with my hare drawings on the lovely linen fabric at  "peony and sage"

This Hare now lives in Wales.
I made it and sent it to my friend, she loves it.
Red Berries and  my  hare drawing on linen fabric, two of my favourite things .

I made my own handmade tea towels using the fabric with my hare drawings in the corner, they look lovely and I am going to enjoy using them. 

www. peonyandsage.com for all the beautiful fabrics

I was thrilled to have some of my drawings used for fabric by Kimberley Bell.
Kimberley is an interior designer and has just launched her first fabric collection at her new website Peony and Sage.  Press the link in my side bar to see all the beautiful Linen fabrics at Peony and Sage. 

My feather and egg drawings , Cow parsley, the sitting and leaping hares,
blackberry and bee, starfish, and strawberry all printed on the beautiful Peony and sage linen fabric.

  • All the photographs are used with permission of  Kimberley Bell.  ALL the above images belong to Kimberley Bell and the fabrics are copyright of   PeonyandSage Fabrics.


LS said...

These prints are gorgeous, as are your drawings! Thank you Linda S

Patricia G said...

Milly your fabric designs are beautiful and how lovely to think they can be enjoyed by others in their homes.