Wednesday 25 April 2007

My Beautiful Fritillary

I have spent all day drawing one of the snakehead fritillary from out of my garden. I love these delicate and fragile flowers with their checked patterns.I wanted to capture the elegant flower with its drooping neck and delicate leaves.


Frances said...

Good morning Milly!
How wonderful to see your comment today, and to just click and see your beautiful pictures.
I think that your pictures may actually be shown better on this site. If you look at what some creative folks have done over here, you will see what I mean. Their sites are beautiful, changing, very customized.
All best wishes. xo

Eden said...

Oh Milly that snakeshead -- I love it. Soo good to see you again. A real delight.

MILLY said...

Frances and Eden,
Thankyou for answering .It is going to take me a while to work things out here. Lovely to hear from you both. milly