Friday 18 May 2007

Beach Finds

I like going for a walk along the beach and collecting objects that I find. This picture was drawn from a collection of objects I found on one of my beach walks. I love oak leaves and this huge leaf was on the sand at the waters edge . I found the red berries on the tide line , and I wondered how did they get there? The feather , blue shell and pebble were all brought home and arranged on the paper in front of me and then I drew them as a record of my day.
It was a beautiful day and the beach is such a lovely calm and relaxing place to be . I always feel free and alive and feel so inspired. My picture reminds me of that day. This picture was painted in acrylic paints , it is going to be in my exhibition this summer at Brantwood , Coniston in the Lake District.


Pondside said...

Hello Milly. I'm so glad that I have found your blog through CCW. I enjoyed your art on CL and missed it when I was not longer going there. I looked at your website - I wish I could come to the exhibition to see the originals!
I live by the ocean (Pacific) and love the images of shells.

@themill said...

Milly, how have I missed you so far? Great to see those wonderful drawings again and will definitely try to get to your exhibition

Joanna said...

It was a lovely surprise to find your drawings agian, I had first seen them on cl. Looking forward to seeing loads more good luck with the exhibition

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Milly,
finding bits n bobs on our local beach is one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon, rain or shine.
The drawings are once again absolutely beautiful, you have really brought them to life as it were, just beautiful. Good luck with the exhibition.
p.s I never wrote a blog on CL, too much bother for me, as I have only just got broadband, so you can imagine how slow blogging on CL would have been!
Victoria x

Frances said...

Milly, I may just leave you a double comment at you know where.
Thanks for your comment.
I absolutely can imagine how many drawings you have done. look forward to seeing them.
I will send you an e-mail. Promise.

Posie said...

Milly, brilliant to find you here with your beautiful drawings. I have not been back to the CL site, began blogging here and stayed....its good to catch up with you.

Frances said...

Hello Milly, and thanks for your June comment.
You must be really rushed now with the exhibit, so I do appreciate your staying in touch.
I am still merely experimenting with the Inktense pencils, doing warm up exercises of a sort. They are fun. When used dry, the effect (at least on the paper in my sketchbook) reminds me a bit of linoleum printed images, which I do like. It might be interesting to do some work using hand-cut stencils, to play with this mimicry of another medium. What do you think? You must know of the book, "Thinking with a Pencil."
Maybe that was what I just did!

Susan Hosken said...

I love going to the beach and collecting things too. I can't draw the way you do so I jus thave my lovely finds in the house and garden.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Jana Bouc said...

Lovely composition and wonderful drawing and painting--especially as that it's acrylic which seems like it could be tricky for this kind of work.