Wednesday 16 May 2007

Oak Leaves and Acorns

I just love oak leaves and acorns. Everywhere I go and I see them, I have to collect them. I have lots of different drawings of oak leaves .
I have found some interesting oak leaves on the tideline, having been sea washed and turned into a very dark brown colour. I painted the dark oak leaf with a shell, feather and red berries, all found on the same day. I have a pencil drawing of a very fragile decaying leaf and a painting of a fresh green leaf on a piece of branch.
These oak leaves in my picture were collected by the lake at Coniston. I loved the colours and shapes and tried to capture them , so on the day I found them I brought them home and layed them out in a row and drew them .They are drawn in Derwent coloured pencils . This is one of my collection of 8 artcards and lots of people have bought this card. I like the idea that lots of people have my oak leaves and acorn drawing.
The original drawing is going to be in my exhibition. It looks really beautiful now it has been framed . I can remember the day we were walking by the lake and I saw all the leaves and spent ages choosing the ones I liked the best . I have some lovely detailed drawings of the acorns , using pencil which will also be displayed at my exhibition.
If you would like to see some more of my drawings visit my website.


Frances said...

Hello Milly and thanks for the comment.
As always, I do like those acorns and oak leaves!
Of course, I did wear Eileen Fisher to the lunch, as did all the female employees. It is always fun to see how differently we put together the styles that we have selected. We all start from the same point, and have the same possibilities, but always end up with unique looks.
Today was completely relaxing. I got my stored-up chores (laundry, house cleaning, groceries, bill-paying, etc.) done early. Then went across the park to see a magnificent Paul Poiret exhibit at the Met.
The exhibit was beautifully staged, with just the right amount of mannequins in each tableax, and each section had a painted backdrop, sort of like a stageset backdrop, painted in the style of the Poiret period.
I would like very much to buy the hard back book catalog, but will wait to see if, in the fullness time, I still want it, and if the price will ever drop below today's $65. (Some British ladies in the shop found it more of a bargain because of the exchange rate!)
I walked back westward through the Park beating out the afternoon thunderstorm.
It is still early evening here, and I am about to get out my pencils and paper. Tomorrow is another day off, and the coast is clear for creating.

Jane said...

The oak leaves are beautiful - I saw a photo somewhere ages ago of a very simple wreath made of dried oak leaves and am determined to have a go at making something similar this year - I think the knack is probably catching the leaves just as they fall and then pressing them properly.

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Milly, I'm supposed to be on a 'blog break' (orders from the family!), but I just can't help but come across such lovely new blogs.
You are so talented at drawing and making gorgeous things that I am quite jealous.
Oak leaves are just so beautiful aren't they?
Victoria x

R K said...

Thanks for your introduction on the EDM site, because that means I am now introduced to your work-which I think is of the highest order. I was struck by the use of brown in this particular drawing...then, I got the hit of the text being brown also. This tells me you have a keen sense of the effect of context when it comes to color choices.
I think it is a very good thing that you have opened your work up to a wider audience.
If there was any wish I would have, it would be the ability to look at your pencil work up close. I imagine it is both confident and delicate.

Lydia Velarde said...

I like the way you put the acorns with the leaves. I think ALL of your work is beautiful.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

This is another gorgeous picture. I LOVE acorns and oak leaves. Love your work Milly.