Sunday 1 July 2007


I have been really busy . Each day I focus on getting yet another task done and take great pleasure crossing it off my to do list. I have visited the picture framer on a regular basis and I am happy with the framed drawings. It is strange seeing my drawings framed and I try to image what they will all look lke up on the wall displayed together. Three weeks today and the exhibition will be open to the public. As this is my first ever exhibition I feel very excited . Then of course I hope other people enjoy it and like my drawings. I know I will feel a sense of achievement and proud of myself . This is a big step for me , a step into the unknown , sharing my work .

For those of you who followed my CL blog , you will know I love to collect and draw feathers . Saturday night , I am sat listening to the radio drawing feathers , my idea of relaxing.My feather drawing is done in Derwent coloured pencils and is two owl feathers. This will be in my exhibition.


annakarenin said...

Thank you for helping me find you and the lovely comment you left on Thomas's blog. I showed the older boys your drawings and they were both in awe, Alec couldn't believe they were real and said he would never be able to draw anything like that. They are both good at art and at parent's evening last night Alec's teacher once again commented on his skill and enthusiasm for the subject, ( he still wants to be a chef though)hence the reason for showing them your art work.

I hope you don't mind but I have put your link on mine and Thomas's blogs. I know both the older boys will enjoy looking at your work and reading about the inspiration behind it.

I love that picture of you walking through the birds in Venice. I have been there only once with a group of girl friends and would love to go back with my husband. Especially Carnival week though I am sure it would be very commercialised and would perhaps ruin the romantic ideal that is in my head.

I will take up your advice on the book. Maybe I could do something with favourite photos.

Rachel XX

"Joy" said...

Oh my Eileen! The feathers are fantastic! They are so colorful and perfect!! Joyce

Cynthia Padilla said...

Good luck with your exhibit. Your work is delightful! I too draw and paint feathers and all manner of natures treasures. You will find like-minded souls at this forum: Botanical Art & Naturalist Illustration. International online forum dedicated to the realistic portrayal of plants, flowers and natural science subjects. Join us