Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Objects found at the beach

It is a very stormy day. Living by the sea means we really feel the force of the winds and the storms. It is on days like this when all kinds of debris gets washed up by the sea. I like walking on the beach to see what is left in the tide line.
On a walk I found some interesting treasures to draw, berries, leaves, shells and a mermaids purse. It always amazes me how the red berries some how find their way to the beach. It is an old drawing but today reminds me of my beach walks. Take a peep at the bottom of my blog and see a walk on one of our beautiful local beaches, a place to collect feathers and shells.
This one was painted in watercolours. Press for close up.


Margaret Ann said...

I always feel rejuvenated after a visit here...Your drawings excite my Muse...your attention to detail is inspiring! Lovely work!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely drawings - there's a feeling of movement, which is nice. Lesley

Ann said...

Stunning collection, I love the way you compose these objects on the page. And the mermaid's purse is one of my favorites to draw. That picture of your beach is beautiful. I would so be there everyday!

Frances said...

Hello Milly,

I love the sound of a mermaid's purse, yet have absolutely no idea what one might be.

I also love the notion of bright red berries being carried through the air to land in locations far away from their starting point.

Nature is putting on a great show right now.

Best wishes for more wonderful walks, close observation and beautiful drawings and paintings. xo

Acornmoon said...

How I envy your location, my dog would just love to walk on that beach! I can see why you find it so inspiring.

Ruthie Redden said...

I agree Milly, a walk on the shore after a storm is a fave thing of mine to do & i love the treasures the sea gives up. WE Found a huge dog fish trapped in a rock pool & rescued it (carefully) back to the sea. I too love the way you compose your drawings. *ruthie*

Carolina said...

Milly, you are so blessed to live so close to a wonderful place as the one on the photo below!
I love this painting, the fact that there are sea shells and red berries makes it so special. I like it very much. (I don't know 'mermaid purses' either but I'll google it right away! :)
Best regards,

ellie said...

What a beautiful group ! I live far from the sea now, but it must be lovely to live close to the sea to hear and smell it. XX Ellie