Thursday, 7 January 2010

My First Drawing this Year

On the first day of the year I went for a walk on the frosty shore and admired the beautiful scenery, the snow capped Lakeland hills. I kept seeing images of oak leaves trapped under the ice. My eyes constantly scanning for the objects washed up by the sea in the tide line. I saw plastic objects, glass bottles, assorted balls, drink cans, metal objects and lighters littering the shore.
Of more interest to me, a huge tangle of natural objects clung to the wire fences separating the grassy shore from the fields. I was not alone, a crowd of young bullocks pushed and shoved against the fence for the best view, curious to see me poking amongst the debris. They followed me as I examined and picked through this giant fishing net for interesting finds. It possessed seaweeds, shells, mermaids purses, a birds skull, feathers, acorns, leaves, berries, a fir cone and many lovely oak leaves, all tangled up with grasses and string. More objects trapped in the ice, gave some fascinating patterns, but I had no camera with me.
It was a bitterly cold day, but very inspiring and reminded me how much I love this place. I have sorted through some of the bits I collected that day, put them together in this drawing together with the fragments of pottery I have found. It will always remind me of that day, the blue sky and my bag of odds and ends found on the frosty shore. Hope you like it. It is painted with acrylic inks and a paintbrush.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Milly, lovely artwork - and I know just what you mean about the memories associated with its creation. Best wishes. Lesley

Carolina said...

Of course I like it :)
I am amazed how you choose the things you paint. I like those seeds and there are similiar ones around here, but I would have never picked the ones you chose because I'd have thought they wouldn't be nice on a drawing (the 'broken' ones) , but here you come, showing us that perfection is there anyway and that things become more interesting with all the differences showing. I love your style :)
Best regards,

Frances said...

Hello to you Milly.

Wonderful that you wrapped up warm and got out for that walk. Your eye is better than any camera. It's funny to think that you and the bullocks were attracted to the "catch" that nature provided.

Your new year's drawing is a beauty, and will surely be a memory piece to see over and over as future years accumulate.

It has been weeks since weather and scheduling has allowed me to visit my beloved Central Park. Tomorrow is a day off. I might just get there! Mind you, there is something in the weather forecast about chance of snow.

We shall see (in many senses of that expression, I do hope.)


acornmoon said...

It seems strange that you should find oak leaves along the shoreline. I know a little of the area where you live so can picture you walking along on the look out for little treasures.

My friend loved her Christmas present, a set of your art cards. She went to art college with me and she says that she feels inspired to paint again now she has seen your work.

Tammie Lee said...

the colors and blue shadows are wonderful. sounds as though you had a wonderful time wandering about!

Jill said...

A beautiful record of your walk

Pondside said...

I enjoy looking at collections, especially quirky ones - loved this one, especially the blues.

Gary Keimig said...

A great one to start the New Year.
Happy New Year and may God bless you in 2010

Gillian L. said...

It's a lovely drawing. I have always been attraced to leaves, especially the acorn with all it's the fall in shades of orange and brown.


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