Friday 19 February 2010

Close up......and now the front

My friend brought me a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly in a jam jar. It was dead when she found it in her garage, so she collected it and saved it for me. She had taken it to school to show her class of young children. She told them I did drawings of butterflies, so I promised to draw it so she could take the drawing back to show them.
I finally got around to opening the jar and started to look at the butterfly. It tipped out of the jar wrong side up, I was fascinated with the underside. With the help of a magnifying glass I sat and carefully made my detailed drawing of the lovely wings. The patterns were really beautiful close up, you discover how intricate the markings are on the underside of the wings .
I hope to do the Red Admiral as you usually see it, in all its glory, but really enjoyed doing this version.
It is painted with my acrylic inks and my number 6 sable brush. Then a little shading and texture with a black ink pen. It is in my square book, so is much larger than real life. I am really pleased with this, it is amazing what you see close up. Hope you like it, press for close up.

Thank you to everyone who left me a comment about my drawings.

And here is the front, with real specimen on the tag. I still think the underside is more interesting and more beautiful.


Carol Creech said...

This is beautiful, Milly! And how wonderful that you will get to send your drawing for the kids to see. I bet they will have a whole new appreciation for the butterfly. What gorgeous patterns and colors.

Susan Scheid (Raining Acorns) said...

Milly, this is exquisite. You are right to be really pleased with this wonderful drawing, and I feel very lucky to be able to see it. Thank you!

Susan Scheid (Raining Acorns) said...

I just realized that one of the butterflies depicted in a miniature I saw a few days ago was identified in the commentary as an admiral. Here is the link: Look for the butterfly depicted upper left and center left. What a wonderful coincidence if it is the same butterfly!

Susan Scheid (Raining Acorns) said...

Funny to correspond this way, eh? So, Just saw your comment at Raining Acorns & am so pleased it was, indeed, the same butterfly. That was indeed a beautiful exhibit--stay tuned, as I will be reporting on it circa this coming Monday.

Meanwhile, I will gaze repeatedly on your beautiful admiral!

Tammie Lee said...

ah, you have captured its beauty Millie.

Pondside said...

Lucky school children.
It's so interesting to see the butterfly from this angle - seems silly to note, but it looks so much more vulnerable.


beautifully painted molly ...wonderful view point the children will love seeing this ...when i was back in the uk we visited Butterfly World and Future Gardens in St.Albans it's a wonderful place

Susan Scheid (Raining Acorns) said...

My Mom (a/k/a cybersr) writes:

Milly's Red Admiral drawing is beautiful. Haven't before seen a butterfly mounted downside up and am amazed at the design and coloration of Milly's specimen.

Frances said...

Milly, there is something in this storyline about someone capturing that creature with the beautiful wings, admiring it, knowing that you would want to see it, and knowing that you could make a beautiful drawing ... a real tribute to the natural original.

And then, to think that there is sitll another chapter. That some children will see what you have created, and learn why you made this beautiful picture, and ... perhaps be inspired to look carefully and make their own drawings and paintings.

Now that is true beauty! xo

kookaburra said...

This is GREAT. There is also a good lesson in discovering how beautiful the underside was when you hadn't expected it.

MILLY said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments, I have been working on the right side but still like this underside version best.

Carolina said...

Hi Milly!
Hoo, I've been busy lately... still am, actually :)
I like the drawing very much, it really must have taken you a long time to finish it, it's so detailed. You even drew the tongue! And I can see one set of legs is missing, poor thing. Love all the greys and browns. That's a good 'exercise' on colors and brings a wonderful finished work.
Best regards,

Carolina said...

I love the front side, but I agree with you, the back side is more interesting... who would have known?
Best regards,